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jumping into a craft swap!

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I know many members are interested in starting a craft swap and the moderators and Cynthia have decided Personal Growth is the place! So let's get it going. I must admit I haven't done one and really don't know what to do....so we need someone to take charge of it and help it get up and running successfully. If anyone wants to volunteer for that duty please step up. Also anyone wanting to participate please post!
Let's see what happens......

I'll be participant number 1.....who's next?
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I'll be happy to set it up Missgrl!

It is so close to the holidays that it would be a good idea for anyone interested to let us know when they can ship their item. We'll go with the consensus, and if we can get it done in December, then GREAT! If you don't think you can get it shipped within a month, why not wait for the next swap?!

I'm in!

Email me with your email address
, also, the name of anyone that you've exchanged with in the past so that we don't duplicate each other!


Edited to Add:
Deadline for signup is Sunday, December 2nd. I will Post the matches and email individuals on the 3rd.

Don't know what to craft? Here are some crafts I've seen or sent in the past:
Waldorf style dolls
Bath Goodies (homemade!)
Handpainted Wooden Toys, games
Handmade clothes for children
Handpainted decor for home
Mosiac tile pots
Stain Glass Art
Hand made jewelry
Crocheted Scarves/Hats/Sweaters/whateveR!
Cloth Book
Stationary/Journals etc.
Quilt/Wall hanging

and those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head! be creative!
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I'll participate this time. I'm a metalsmith (wrought iron & some jewelry), www.kokametalsmiths.com and I have not participated in the past. I can also do some filling in if someone finds that they need to cancel at the last minute.
I'll probably need a reminder at mailing time, either by email or in this forum.
I couldn't get through on LaLa's posted email address.
to contact me
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December Craft Cirle

Count me in for the December Craft Circle. I emailed you LaLa.
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Count me in,

I'm ready to mail today

I make waldorf style dolls (and more) but i have several flower fairy dolls ready to go, in wintery colors (red and dk blue) depending on the mail system i could have them to you for holiday giving.
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LaLa I e-mailed you. Please count me in. My stuff is really simple, fabric covered photo albums, Christmas table runners, Dried rose topiary trees...
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Why not?? count me in Lala...I'll e-mail you
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Hey LaLa how many have signed up?
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There are 6-8 so far. It's ok if this is a small swap, it's quality not quanitity! LOL

December is a busy month for many people also. I'll be posting first thing tomorrow!

(are you getting anxious?)
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LaLa, I e-mailed you!
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Missgrl gives to Saganaga
LeafyLady gives to Onehipmama
OneHipMama gives to LaLa
Saganaga gives to Roses
Roses gives to Missgrl
LaLa gives to StClaire
St Claire gives to LeafyLady

Did I forget anyone? I was going to email you all, but then I realized you can email each other through the website (or use PM's). Let me know if you have trouble using those features or if you can't get in touch with your swap person

Happy Crafting!
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How do we email each other through the website & what are PM's????

LaLa I think I'd prefer if you'd email me Missgrl & Roses email addresses.
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Ok, saganaga, it's sent, anyone else want an email?
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I've emailed St. Claire and onehipmomma through the mothering board system. You do it by clicking on the profile button at the bottom of someone's post. Then you can find a clickable area that says something like email this user.

Also, click the user cp button up in the upper right hand area of the whole page. I didn't even realize that I had private messages waiting there. That is where you can read your private messages and edit your profile.

My email address is up in a previous post in this thread if St. Claire or onehipmomma want to email me directly.
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I got the email addresses, thanks LaLa!
BTW, thanks for organizing this craft circle LaLa!
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Missgrl...I need your e-mail, please You can e-mail it to me at:


My internet service is down for a week and a half, (only, I hope) but I will be checking in when I get a chance at my mother's house. I would really like to get your craft done befor Christmas, so send me your likes and dislikes while your at it.....Thanks
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E-mailed you!
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Yours in already in the mail! LOL I work fast sometimes!
I was excited to get it to you right away, so I worked on it during dds naps and at night to finish up
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I'm getting your craft in the mail today, I was anxious to get it done.

I tried emailing you, just curious to know if you got my email.
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Leafylady, yours is all packed up in its box to be mailed tommorow.
laLa, i'm feeling the anticipation
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