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I've got my box packed up and ready to send out to onehipmama tomorrow. It is exciting! I was kind of worried- not knowing exactly what type of work to send and how much.
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Wow! You women are fast workers. I must admit that I have been disillusioned by past Mothering craft swaps... many people never receiving crafts (me included in one such swap). (When I did receive crafts, however, they were the most incredible creations, so it all evened out for me in the end. Plus, the giving was the best part).

Anyway, I am impressed with this bunch. I hope the swaps run just a smoothly in the future.

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Roses--I e-mailed you a few days ago.....did ya receive it?

Saganaga--e-mailed you back!
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When i came home and saw the package waiting for me i was sooo excited and was finally able to open it i reached my hand in there and kept pulling out more and more cool bath and body stuff and handmade stationary...i thought it would never end. Thank you so much. I can't wait for the next swap


I mailed yours out last Friday (regular mail), so it should be there soon .
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Saga...The cards are fantastic! I love them...received them today..e-mailed you.

Missgrl...yes! I got your e-mail and hopefully will get your craft done this weekend, so you can have it by Christmas.

I'm back on-line with a different service, for now.
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Thank you LeafyLady!!!

Guess what I got today?!?! I was so excited to get your package. i am thrilled to bits

I am so grateful to have received such wonderful ornaments! I am just stunned. I love them!

I must say that my DS loved the egg cartons LOL!!! He pulled them out of the box and then put them back in for about half an hour. So for that alone I am so grateful LOL!! I got to tidy the kitchen

Thanks again!

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I tried to mail your craft out on Tuesday--but encountered major technical difficulties. I'll explain what I mean after you get it!
I'm attempting now to repackage it and get it out!
Sorry it's taken so long!

Roses----haven't heard from you in several days! Just checking up!
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St. Claire, I got the Fairy Waldorf Doll today!! It's wonderful! I know you mentioned about using it for a holiday gift, but now that I've got it, I think I'll just have to keep it.
Thank You I didn't recognize your name on the package and sat there wondering about this unknown package for about 5 minutes. Then I finally realized that it was the Craft Swap and opened it quickly.

I'm surprised the package got to you so quickly and I'm glad that you like the ornaments. I'm going to have to try giving those egg cartons to my ds, if they kept your son occupied for thirty minutes. By the way, there is a playdough recipe on the egg carton label, which I haven't tried yet, but will soon. Kids always love the packing materials best!

p.s. Keep me on the list for the next craft swap. The anticipation and surprise is lots of fun.
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I tried to e-mail you today but it was returned. I used the same email address that I have used each time i've mailed you and they have never been returned.
Just wanted to let you know that your craft was mailed out today!
Hope you enjoy it!
Let me know when you receive it so I'll know it got there safe and sound!

Roses----still haven't heard from you in awhile!!!!! Everyone's getting their craft...I want to see what I get! Please get back with me!

Thanks ladies,
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The welcome decor is beautiful! Thank you so much!

I love it!
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I am so glad that you like it! I was really worried.

I am looking forward to the next swap. Thank you for organizing this one

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Misgrl....I'm sorry I've been having internet problems, but am finally back up and running with my dsl again! yeah!!! anyway...I'm going to e-mail you about your craft.
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glad you got the "Eat at Mom's" breastfeeding cards I rubberstamped for you.

not sure what's wrong with my email address. I'll come back to this board to let you know when I receive your craft.

I can't wait for the next craft circle!!!
Will another one be started just after the New Year?
Next time I'll have to send to someone who has a baby girl because I want to sew a pillowcase dress. Today I just got directions on how to make a dress out of a pillowcase (from Martha Stewart Baby magazine) ~ have any of you sewed an baby dress out of a pillowcase before?
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I got your package in the mail today! Everything got here safely. Thanks for the homemade miracle scrub, the handpainted glass jar, and the snowman gift bag! You are very creative!
Thanks again!
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Hummmm...what is this mirical scrub you speak of?...it sounds interesting!
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Oh Saganaga------

I want to truly apologize for the horrible looking wrapping I did! I tried to be clever and ship it in the painted jar......luckily my dh didn't ship it b/c he had it in the car and it leaked everywhere....the car smells wonderful though LOL!
I'm not used to shipping liquids....what a dummy I was!

so I had to come up with another way to ship it. My dh came up with the other jar with a screw lid and tape it all up! I know it looked ugly, but at least it got there without leaking! I hope it was easy to transfer into the other jar!

Roses- it is a super easy recipe.....combine sugar or sea salt
with sweet almond oil and an
essential oil of your choice
(is use lavender oil)
I also prefer sugar b/c salt makes any cuts or nicks you have on your legs burn!--even though i believe salt has some healing quailites!
A friend got me some of this scrub from a store and it was awesome!!!! But it had mineral oil, petroleum and some other forgein ingrediants that I don't like to use. So I got to thinking......this could be made easily with only simple ingrediants!
I can't wait to get my surprise!!!!!
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What kind of consistency is the miracle scrub meant to be when it's done?
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Sounds interesting. How much of each do we add?
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I got your craft today!!!!!

I can't tell you how wonderful my stuff is!!!!!! I envy anyone that can sew!
The beanbags are super! I opened it after ds's went to bed. I can't wait until he sees them in the morning!

After i wash the tub (share it with kids....LOL) I'll jump in with my bath bomb. Did you use the recipe that is on this forum? I want to try to make one.

And you won't believe this.....but I was looking for a first aid sewing kit just this morning and couldn't find one! It is perfect!

And ummmmmmm the candle holders ummmmmmmm~~it is about 10:30 p.m. here and me and dh are about to go see how they light up our room---if you know what I mean!.

thank you so much!!

Roses Rules
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