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I just wanted to let you all know that I got my powdered maca yesterday and tried it in a smoothie (banana, berries, yogurt and orange juice) and it was pretty gross. This morning I decided since it was going to be gross I'd just stir it into some OJ and down it really fast...and it wasn't bad at all. So I guess everyone has a different preferred method of ingestion. And I keep saying to dh, if this results in a baby I'll happily gulp down orange juice while holding my nose closed.
I'm waiting to O now and I do think I'll take it during my 2ww as well, although I'm not sure what the other ladies are planning on doing. Welcome Reina28!
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I actually made a smoothie tonight that I think works with the Maca taste. It was vanilla frozen yogurt, milk, a banana, peanut butter, honey, cinnamon, cocoa powder and vanilla. It's not bad at all. You can taste the Maca, but it doesn't taste bad. It actually tastes pleasant. The problem with making this every day is it is SO RICH and heavy. I couldn't drink the whole thing. Dang!
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Ok.... I'm going with my feelings on this...

If I kept my chart all together no lines showed up because of the drastic-ness at the begining I'm sure... because if you take just where the temps started stabilizing from when I started the Maca and Vitex... it's a NORMAL chart!!!!!

So I sort of cheated and put in Light menses on the 17th when I started the meds so I got a new chart... and I got SOLID crosshairs.

I'm going with it for now. I honestly truly beleive I did ovulate that day, the way the temps changed and the way my CM changed.

I'm putting myself on the 2WW... DP is esctatic and even came to look at my chart this morning when I inputted the info. hehe

As to the question earlier... Take the Maca through out the cycle. It's a root (vegetable) it does not contain hormones and is safe to take through out. It helps with more than just fertility issues. It helps the entire endocrine system, helping with energy and such too.
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Wow JSMa, your chart looks great. And your BDing looks very well timed. Happy 2WW!
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JSMA- OMG your chart is looking fabulous! This could be your month! Last night I saw my GF who hasn't had a period in about 8 months (PCOS) and she is pregnant. NATURALLY. weird huh?
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: Well, Wild Oats didn't have it so off to check my local health food store, they have quite a bit. Hopefully I can buy it locally without ordering...but if not I will order today.

JSMa- GOOD LUCK! Your chart does look awesome!
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My maca finally arrived yesterday and I just had my first dose. I'm so excited! I'm going to start with 3-4 capsules (1500-2000mg) of the Navitas Naturals brand. Aside from fertility, I'm anxious to see what it does to my energy levels....I've been so slumpish lately.

But what I don't understand is why the serving size of the powder is 5 grams and the serving size of the capsules is 1500 milligrams (1.5 grams), according to their packaging. I believe in that human study (the one from Italy), their dosage was very small, like 300 mg, but it was somehow administered so it got absorbed quickly. Any thoughts on this?
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Just found this thread. What a happy coincidence, since I started taking maca myself on March 14th. I originally ordered it b/c I felt my thyroid was out of whack and might be affecting my fertility. Subsequent testing has shown all my levels to be normal, yet I still have most all the symptoms of hypothyroid. : I'm also dealing w/high blood pressure, which might have been causing some of the extreme fatigue stuff. I'm now on meds for that.

So...I'm taking capsules of organic maca made by Whole World Botanicals. I did a fair amount of reading on their website before ordering and was very impressed with their business practices. I'm taking 2 capsules a day, which is 1000 mg. Perhaps it's not enough, based on what you all are doing? I think I'll stick with that dosage through the rest of this cycle before upping it or switching. The capsules aren't all that difficult to get down, but they do smell strongly of beets, IMO. Guess it's a good thing I like beets!

I started it on CD4. Since my period returned at around 15 mos. pp, my cycles have been much shorter than usual, averaging around 25 days, and my periods have been lasting longer (around 9 days, yuck!) and are much heavier. I also have horrible PMS symptoms preceding my period every month, so I am also hoping the maca might be able to help with that.

I got a +OPK on CD11, which is around when I think I've been O'ing on this crazy-short 25-day cycle. Now I'm on CD19, ~7DPO????, and I'm just waiting to test in a few days.

What I've noticed that is different since I started on the maca:

* I have more energy and my moods have stabilized, I'm not so irritable and up-and-down

* My libido is significantly increased. I have had little to no sex drive for months now, but this month, va-va-voom!

I am just now getting to that point in my cycles where I start to get very PMS'y, so I'm interested to see if it will be any better this month.

It's great to find you all and share the journey with you!

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Guinevere Welcome, & yes...please let us know if your PMS is better. it will be such a blessing if it helps that too!!!! Goog Luck with everything
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This is a very interesting thread. I saw Maca at WalMart the other day too so I will check it when I am there again.
What I wonder is if you can encapsulate the maca pawder yourself? I have the gel caps an the encapsulator. I am not sur eI coudl gag it down. Maybe in jsut a small bit of OJ I am better with yucky stuff quickly than in a whole smoothie.
So once you get your BFP do you continue to take the Maca?

Looking to join you all....soon
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Originally Posted by massaginmommy View Post
This is a very interesting thread. I saw Maca at WalMart the other day too so I will check it when I am there again.
What I wonder is if you can encapsulate the maca pawder yourself? I have the gel caps an the encapsulator. I am not sur eI coudl gag it down. Maybe in jsut a small bit of OJ I am better with yucky stuff quickly than in a whole smoothie.
So once you get your BFP do you continue to take the Maca?

Looking to join you all....soon
Yes to both, measure out your 2 TBS & put it in your capsules. That way you know exactly how many you need every day. I believe it it around 20-30 pills(dependind on capsule size & if you use raw maca or gelatinized)
Yes take it after your BFP too. read the info, women use it during pregnancy to sustain their pregnancies & to help with a better birth weight.
there is info @ begining of this thread and HERE:

more info here...& MANY sucess stories & (((recipes:Page 2)))

Here you can buy maca, capules, & the tools to fill the capsules:
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Welcome Guinevere and massaginmommy (soon)!

I wonder if anyone has noticed maca decreasing the length of time before you o? Yesterday (CD10) I had a very watery vaginal sensation and this morning ewcm! Yesterday because of the watery feeling I took an opk: negative...but then today (CD11) I got a positive! This is only my second month charting but I have had relatively consistant 28-30-day cycles. Even if I O tomorrow, on CD12, that'll be one short cycle for me. Not that I'm complaining...just wondering if this is maca or just my body playing even more tricks with me. At least I'll probably be able to jump into the early april 2ww!
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Argh, my fertility monitor isn't asking for any more test sticks so I don't know what my level would have been today. I'm on day 26 and it's flashing 'm' at me which means it assumes I'll be getting AF soon. Ha! So, long cycles definitely don't work with it. That's annoying, especially since I'm starting to get some watery-seeming CM. I'm just going to start on the rest of my OPKs now!

JSMa, I'm so excited about your solid cross hairs!

Welcome Guinevere!
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Well the local store had the Navita Naturals raw maca so I started taking it tonight.

It was nasty but I have great willpower. However, my dh wasn't so sure after he saw the face I made. Hopefully he's still in it with me and I will keep it up!

So i have officially joined!
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I just popped on to say that I love how maca tastes I like to eat it in its dry powdery form :

However, try mixing it with grapefruit juice. I may be biased cause I love maca, but the mix is pretty decent and grapefruits have a pretty strong flavour.
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Hi, just ordered maca today, so I am joinging the group I guess! I am hoping it will help me strighten out my homones and in turn help me shed my thickend endometrial lining (see post for more http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=872721) I have already made up my mind that even if it taste like butt it has to be better then bleeding everyday of my life! Cant wait to get it, good luck and baby dust everyone!
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Alice, how many days have you been taking the Maca now?

Thanks everyone! I just hope the crosshairs are for real since I did the split chart thing.... it felt like the right thing to do though... today my temp was really high, but I slept like crap and woke up a lot, then DSD came in at 3:30 am!! so I didn't have a solid 3 hours of sleep before temping... Will see how tomorrow goes.
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Wanalil_bean/Gretchen: 1 Tbsp/day since March 17
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is gelatanized bad??? I am trying to order it online as I went to the Local store and all I could find was Wild Yam! hahaha
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I am sooooo very excited to find this site!! I have always thought I was on my TTC natural journey by myself. I have been taking Maca since Feb 29. Started with the liquid (80 drops/day) and it made a huge difference in my cycle. Have ordered the powder and now take 1 Tbsp. in the morning. I like the powder much better than the liquid, I feel like I am getting more benefits from it, but it all probably works the same! I also have the 500mg capsules that I take at night only a few times a week. DH is taking the (what we call "Shakes" !!) 1 Tbsp. Maca powder in 8oz. of Orange,Pineapple and Banana juice. I have shakers that have a nozle lid so I do not have to smell it as I chug. It does taste pretty gross in the beginning but you get use to it! DH is a trooper though he just gulps it down and dosent even blink!!!

Sorry so long, but I send tons of baby dust to all of you and hopefully successful 2WW's!!!
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