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I haven't had any bad dreams...

And I'm actually feeling fine. lol Just keep getting fevers. This morning temp went real high! Not a fever high, but it's the highest I have had!!
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JSMa, that's promising! When do you plan to test, if you decide to test?

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Originally Posted by reina28 View Post
Has anyone been having bad dreams?
Now that you mention it... I had a bad dream the night before last. It was something about letting DS get circ'd, or rather not preventing it, and then feeling soooo guilty afterward that I failed to protect him even though in the dream he wanted to do it. (IRL, DS is 2 and intact with no one pressuring us to do otherwise...)

I've been taking Maca for about 2 months, though, and this is my first bad dream so I don't think it's related.

Guinevere, that all sounds so frustrating! What about adrenal function or something? I hope you get some answers so that you feel better and get your BFP soon! How long is your LP usually? BFN on 12dpo might just be too early with a late implanter...

I'm 7 dpo today and have nothing to report. I know my thyroid is low-normal on my current level of meds and I suspect a low progesterone issue but my doc's office won't call me back to talk about any of this : I tend to have very little will power to wait and POAS and a very large number of IC HPTs around the house, so you'll probably be getting some sort of update from me soon.
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well good thing no one else is getting nightmares. There is alot going on in my life right now (custody battle, dh switching careers and finals month for him, ttc, etc.) so that is probably it for me.

Guinevere, I hope that your CT scan goes good but I also agree with because - it could be too early to know.

JSMa - I think the high temps sound pretty promising as well!

I am only on CD9 today so no testing anytime soon, just waiting for my O. Isn't it amazing how fast the first two weeks of the cycle go compared to the last 2 weeks?
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BTW, JSMa, that looks suspiciously like an implant dip there on 7dpo!
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FF gives a suggested test date of the 14th... I will likely wait it out all the way until then. Though if my temps stay consistently high... I may start testing on 12DPO... not sure.

Trying not to think about it honestly. lol I don't want to pysch myself out or get all my hopes up too soon... Last time I had dotted crosshairs on my chart they went away at 11DPO, and my temps started going crazy.

So, I'm patiently waiting and just trying to keep a level head for now... if my temps are still up at 12DPO, then I'll be pretty excited.
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Jennifer, Yes...your temp went up pretty high!!
Guinevere, Good luck. I hope it all comes out wonderful.
reina28Nope. No bad dreams. no more than usual, anyway. I have been tired though. The Maca gives me such great energy at times. I guess I wear myself out. I only try to drink it in the mornings ....so I don't wake up a lot at night.((but sometimes still do))

Me:Well, I thought I got my 1st pos. OPK the other day. Until today. Today it was so dark. So I guess this is my 1st official + OPK. The other day was just the first time I had a line at all & was sure it was + until I saw the one I got today........cool!!!
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Jennifer-- I noticed you are taking Vitex and that your chart shows an O! WOO HOO! So are you still taking the Vitex in the 2ww??? Just curious. I am really really hoping you get a BFP bc it gives me hope I haven't had a period since January either after the end of my BCP.
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I've been having bad dreams lately, but I think it's related to losing my job. My dreams have all been about losing my teeth (in one dream, my teeth were all crumbling in my mouth and were the texture of candy coating, ew) and about having really horrible jobs that I was desperate to quit.

Who wants to take over this thread starting next Sunday? I think it would be nice if someone could start a new one & link to this one in the top post so that newcomers can view the archives & get all the good info we've got going in this thread.
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I could start a new thread Alice.

That sounds like fun. And can keep us fresh.

Lauren, yes I'm still taking it, as technically I still don't know 100% if I O'ed or not... I have dashed lines now, and that's just a maybe... I need some more sustained high temps.

So I don't want to jar the system.
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JSMa, your chart is looking really promising!

FF moved my O-day back to CD 13 (instead of the CD11 they had set it at initially...and now I'm back to 3DPO, although I think they were wrong both times and I O'd on CD12...).

I haven't been having bad dreams, but last night I had a really weird dream about my boss getting pg acidentally and I was all jealous that she wasn't even trying! This 2ww is going very slowly for me. The funny thing is that I thought I wasn't going to be too obsessed because of the whole "Christmas baby" thing, but now I am as invested as every other month. Go figure.
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Originally Posted by LibraryMo View Post
Go figure.
I figure we are just very Fickle.
I'm doing the same thing. I said i wasn't sure I liked the idea of having a new babe @ Christmas time, it's birthday would be over shadowed.... blah, blah, blah. here I am even more excited than last month!! fickle. very fickle.:nana:
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You ladies crack me up! I always thought a Christmas baby must be sort of sad and chaotic... but I found myself thinking earlier how cute it would be and what a blessing and a special gift to receive at that time of year.

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: for all of us!

I just wanted to report LOTS of watery or egg white CM over the last few days. I think that I'll O tomorrow (the little jump I experienced today is typical pre-Pre-O dip... I'll get a dip tomorrow and ovulate tomorrow afternoon/evening).

I guess I've stopped minding the bitter and potato-y smell/taste of the maca. I have noticed a more chemical smell in my fecal matter (I'm so, so sorry if that's TMI) but other than that, I've not experienced a jump in my energy levels.. though perhaps in my libido.
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Well I'm now officially doing the 2 tbsp daily, have yet to convince Dh but at least he's doing 1! The gelatinised pdr in orange & banana juice seems to be the way to go for me.

Has anyone else taken it during AF? Just wondering as I only started it yesterday and have had 3 tbsp in total but AF is being weird in a good way! I usually bleed really (and I mean really) heavily for the first 5 days, but today CD4 and almost nothing. hope it is the maca and that it does have this positive effect on AF - although of course what I'm really hoping is to not see AF for 9+ months!

for everyone!
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Originally Posted by Olerica View Post
I guess I've stopped minding the bitter and potato-y smell/taste of the maca. I have noticed a more chemical smell in my fecal matter (I'm so, so sorry if that's TMI) but other than that, I've not experienced a jump in my energy levels.. though perhaps in my libido.
Yeeeeah, I didn't want to say anything but jeebus, my pee smells like maca for like 12 hours after I have some!
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I haven't noticed my pee smelling funny. *shrugs* But I drink A TON of water... like 90 oz a day or more typically.

And yes, I would take Maca throughout... it's a food. And it is supposed to help with everything, including helping PMS and AF and such.
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Originally Posted by Olerica View Post
I have noticed a more chemical smell in my fecal matter (I'm so, so sorry if that's TMI)
With you on this one, Olerica! Dh & I have both commented on it since about 24 hours after the first 'dose'. We're choosing to believe that it's a good thing and it must be getting some toxins out of our systems - no evidence to base that on, but if it's the 'spoonful of sugar that helps the 'medicine' go down' then it works for me!

Have a great day ladies, off to work now.
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I guess you can remove my DP. He just can't stand the smell, much less the taste. Its probably a good thing he doesn't need any help in that department.

I had a great smoothie this morning - banana, TB of natural PB, about 1/2 c of soy milk, a couple ice cubes, 2 TBSp of Maca and 1/2 scoop of dh's protein powder. mmmm, yummy breakfast and filling as well.

And no bad dreams last night...
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I'm starting maca today!

PaytnandAvarysMom......1000 mg tablet 2x/day starting 4/4/08
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