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I am totally right there with you!
I told my crazy mother in law (wanna be RN) that Camden is not going to be vaccinated and she basically told me I am not only a bad mother, but my son should be taken away?!?!?!
PAUSE! This coming from a woman who abandon 2 of her kids...
I explained all the risks and that I will parent MY son the way I see fit no matter what her opinion holds.
My husband and I are probably the most un "hippy" like people you will EVER meet in your lives. But hey... I guess I am a crazy hippy because my sons health is #1 in my book.
I guess I will join you... :
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Eh...I've gotten the comment of how my children will die without the vaccines and all. But, mainly from my in-laws...who I've politely asked, "How did you ever survive childhood with only the few vaccines that they had back then?"

I'm not crunchy. We do organic foods, little eating out/ordering out, I breastfeed for at least 2 years, homebirth, organic cleaning, co-sleeping, baby wearing, non-vaxing, non-circing...but I don't do cloth diapers. As much as I want to...I just cannot bring myself to do so much laundry. I have enough laundry as it is...which takes all of my willpower to do. LOL *sigh*

It's nice to be around others who are like-minded...or at least who are open-minded enough to just let me make the best choices for my family...without judgement.
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Originally Posted by thefragile7393 View Post
Yeah my husband kept telling me I read too much or I research too much....while he did ZERO research, which therefore meant in certain areas, he gets no say in some aspects of ds's care, like vaxes. Thankfully he's pretty on board with me, but he still is really ignorant in this area and it's scary.

Or I've been told not to believe all the parent's stories out there whose children have been affected by vaxes, autism or not, because these people are just looking for someone to blame. ANd also that there's such a small chance of damage actually happening that the benefit is also worth the risk.
My husband is in the same boat. He is skeptical, but won't read any of the literature I have put together for him. I have a binder, with the stats, causes, treatment, and cases of damage for EACH vaccine on the "mandatory" list. (I love how they use that word to fear monger) So I told him, if you read the horor stories, and the ingredients of these vaccines and STILL think he should get them, then we will talk some more, but if not, he is just simply not getting them, and that is that." If he wants to leave the responsibility to become educated and informed all up to me, then I guess I make all the desicions too, right?

It also amazes me how many people, (even my best friend who went to college and grad school to become a teacher) think you HAVE to have these vaccines to get into school. Talk about this country being BRAIANWASHED!! KNOW YOUR RIGHTS PEOPLE!!!! Presidential candidate Ron Paul has said, “When we give the power to government to make medical decisions for us, in essence, the state owns our bodies.” And HES A DOCTOR!!!
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I'd rather be a crazy Hippy than a toxic inducing Yuppy!
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Yeah, I get called a crazy hippie all the time. And I don't care! I love the earth and I love my babies perfect non toxic body! lol :

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On a visit to the IL's (thankfully, several states away), we actually got interrogated about why we aren't vaxing anymore in the middle of dinner at a birthday celebration (not mine )! This, after DS had a bad reaction to his 4 month vaccines and we were in turmoil- and they knew all the details. It was truly unbelievable. I was so blindsided, I could barely think of one intelligent thing to say- not that they would have listened.

We have gotten the, "Well, I hope this won't stop you from giving him the rest of his vaxes" speech by two family friends (doctors). Um, yeh, that's EXACTLY what it's done. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in the Twilight Zone.

And, I think I'm getting crunchier by the day (and what happened to my son definitely helped with that!).

You all rock and I'm so happy I found this place!!!
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My FIL calls me a hippy dippy. My brothers (who are both way hippier than me) call me too mainstream. You cannot make all the people happy all the time so you have to do what you hope to be right. Way to go for sticking to your decision.
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Originally Posted by singingmama06 View Post
Sometimes I feel like I'm living in the Twilight Zone.

Seriously I think we are neighbors!
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Yes, I have definitely been accused of being a hippie. My husband is finally coming around and is beginning to believe and research the things I tell him. The rest of the family thinks I'm insane. It is funny because I am a big blogger and all of my family except for a few won't even link to my blog from theirs because they're afraid people will think they are "nuts" like me. Even though they have every.single.other. family members blog (except mine) linked on theirs. I think it's humorous. A couple of them are brave but most of them aren't. I am shocked that my parents are supportive, it is my husbands side of the family that thinks I'm nuts. I try to share information with them but I swear they won't even look at it.
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HAPPY HIPPO: I can relate. ANIELLAS MOMMY: I wish we WERE neighbors!
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One of my friends calls me her "alternative girlfriend" for having a water birth, no circ, using cloth diapers and glass bottles, not vaccinating, etc. I've never been called a hippie, but I don't have the look either. I have been fairly open with my friends about not vaccinating. The reaction has been mixed. I know I am secretly being judged by some people even if they don't say it out loud. I'm surprised by how little people question what they are told to do. Ever since I started researching birth options, I have become very skeptical of the medical establishment as a whole. I've learned to follow my gut and read, read, and read some more when I don't feel something is right. I don't think many people take the time to do this or they just believe that since the government or doctor says it is the right thing to do they should listen without question. I've decided not to stay quiet on the matter or others because it opens up discussion and though my goal is not to convert people to my ways, I feel it plants a seed that maybe just maybe it is ok to question mainstream philosophy.
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All the time. It's true and all.
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Actually yes. But not in an accusatory way. My cousin's told me that her hubby thinks I'm a hippy. I met him for the first time just recently and I was talking about my diapers, my wrap and how I was moisturizing with coconut oil and spreading it on my toast at the same time . My hubby just calls me his granola girl.
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A little OT but that says something about America: The land where it's possible to be TOO educated, to do TOO MUCH research, be TOO responsible, and make TOO MANY educated decisions.

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