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Single Umbilical Artery

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The daughter of a friend of mine is pregnant with her first child. Recently they discovered the baby has a single umbilical artery, or SUA. My friend has done some research, and of course what she finds is a small window of light, and a long list of the possible negative outcomes. She has asked me if I know of anything more alternative for this, in other words a non-mainstream opinion or advice.

Based on what she has told me, the statistics are in her daughter's favor, at 2/3-3/4 of all SUA babies being born healthy. It's the 33-25% which are not that she is focused on and looking for some peace of mind.

I am pregnant with my second, and this pregnancy seems to be, as was my first, low risk with zero complications. I am not familiar with SUA, and thought I would go directly to this forum to see if anyone in this "alternative" (ha ha) world has any thoughts on the matter.

Much obliged.
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I have no knowledge on the subject, but would like to send support and strength to your friend.

Hopefully someone here will have some info to share with you.

Welcome to MDC!
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my sister had this with her last baby. they had absolutely NO problems. he was 9lb 2oz, and she had a home water birth. she did opt to have a late ultrasound to double check his heart & growth.

i hope everything works out for her!
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My friend gave birth to her daughter at 32 weeks due to complications from that condition (IUGR, reverse cord pressure I believe). She was born tiny, but is now a very healthy, spunky, active, petite and normal two-year-old. Even given a difficult pregnancy or early delivery, the outcome can work out fine.
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Thank you all so much!
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Oddly enough, I'm also researching this subject for a friend of mine.

Here is another thread from a few years ago that you might find comforting as well.

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