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traveling abroad without vaccines 14 month old

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We have chosen not vaccinate our baby since the first time he got them at 2 months. Now we are traveling to Costa Rica (from the states). He is 14 months old, and I'm not sure what the best course of action to take is. We are leaving in 10 weeks and will be there 9 days total. I did some research and it looks like no vaccinations are "required" but there are a few "recommended". Is it something that might prevent us from leaving or is it very dangerous to travel abroad with no vaccines? Do my husband and I need them to be able to go? i know that when i traveled to Nicaragua in '98 I got a few shots, and it seems like i wouldn't be allowed to go without them.
any help or experience would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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I could be wrong, but my understanding is that the US does not require its citizens to be vaccinated to reenter the country. I'm also thinking that the only "required" vaccine to go anywhere is yellow fever. When I was traveling in South America I'm thinking that I had to have a certified yellow fever vax to get into Chile from Argentina, but maybe I'm remembering that wrong...

With that being said, I would be reluctant to travel with an unvaxed baby. It would probably depend on where I was staying (resort vs. in a village) etc.
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My younger sister was a Flight Attendant for 7 years she travelled around the world including Costa Rica with no vaccines ever. Nepal,Turkey, Thailand, India etc. She was never vaccinated and had no problem entering/leaving said countries.

Btw, we, my sisters and I were not vaccinated as children which is why my sister did not vaccinate when travelling. It was NEVER an issue.
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No, you shouldn't have a problem, especially with a country like Costa Rica. We took our 2 year old to several countries in Africa and we were never asked anything about vaccinations. I think if there were some sort of extreme epidemic or outbreak of something very dangerous they might make something mandatory but as it is, nothing is required to re-enter the States.
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I would take my unvaxed 2 year old to Costa Rica without thinking about it.

It is supposed to be incredible. Have a great trip!
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