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What to do w old socks w no mates? - Page 2

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I periodically spend a day doing allll the laundry in the house. At the end of the day, whatever socks are unmated are destined to be lonesome for life because every sock has been washed. They get thrown out unless they have a super fancy pattern and I can make a toy from it.
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I love all these ideas!
You guys rock
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I have some waffley textured socks that work well as the inside absorbent layer for mama pads - I cut the heels out so they're not lumpy.
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Either sheet mulch them in the garden or add them to the rag pile.
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If you are ever going to undertake a home construction project, they make great rags for staining wood trim. Of course, you don't need 100 of them
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This may be TMI about my dressing habits, but if they're all black... they match in my eyes. Seriously, my DH and I have a ton of white tubesock-type socks, and they all seem from slightly different types; some have a grey toe, some a darker grey toe, some are grey all across the bottom, etc. I just pair up any that are left after matching on the grounds that the only visible part is the ankle bit. The matchy-matchy socks go in the top drawer and the almost-matchy pairs go in the bottom, so that at least we know whether we're heading out into the world in slightly mismatched socks.

Unless your husband is in the habit of taking his shoes off in public, can't you just pair them up as closely as possible? Or am I just that much slobbier than the general population? (Seriously, it was my DH that first instilled in me the idea that socks should match at all.)
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I have been burned by throwing away socks before.

I keep an "odd sock" basket in the laundry room. Whenever I'm folding clothes and come up with odd socks, I throw them in there, and periodically I go through it for matches. Usually I get several pairs that way.

However, any sock that's been in there "long term" is fair game for dog toys, dusting or shoe polishing, or tying up plants.

A few months ago I was reading on Hathor that she quit buying plastic water bottles for her family and started using glass jars filled with filtered water instead. They put the jars in a cooler (each jar in a sock) to take to the park, and if a jar does happen to get dropped, the sock contains the glass. I thought it was a great idea, but we already have Sigg water bottles, so I didn't need to do it.
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Stuffing for pillows or toys
Man rags (for the auto or woodshop)
Use for soft hair-rollers on long hair (roll wet hair up from ends and tie)
Cut apart and use pieces to clean guns or oil machinery
Fill toe with beans and sew; use as hacky sack
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Adult socks with no mates I use as a dusting glove. Just slip it over my hand, spray and dust.
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I put them together, give them a bottle of wine and tell them to act like bunnies.
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sock puppets, cat toys, cleaning tools...
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I like to give socks to DD1 (5) to clean with. It probably doesn't do much, but she loves it, and it is easier for her to use then a rag. eventually, she'll just start playing with it. I keep them with my rag pile. Sometimes a sock will find its mate and be liberated, or a matching sock will lose its pair due to a hole, and then I have a back up!

Clean socks (no lint, ect) dipped in cold water are great for a teething baby or in case they bite their gums/lip (this just happened to us yesterday).
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I use ours for dirty jobs around the house that I don't want to wash the rag after using, I just used a couple for cleaning the oven.
Other cleaning jobs I use them for are, cleaning the fat out of the pan, I either burn it or throw them away. Dog poop off dd's shoes. Areas like behind the bathtub or washer and dryer. Take to the park or yard to dry off swings or slides of clean a mess off them, then you can toss them in the garbabe if you don't want to carry them home. Washing the car tires. Outdoor window washing. You get the picture. I am sure there is a lot more cleaning you do other than dusting

We also do family cloth so the soft cotton ones I cut up and use for that. They are great!!

I am shocked at any one saying just throw them out! There is automatically a million uses for them if you are purchasing any disposable paper products like toilet paper, swifer whatever, paper towels, etc.
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We make dog toys out of them, or fill them with rice for heating bags.
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Originally Posted by Sisyphus View Post
I use dh's old cotton ones to clean up the hard floors.... I leave them in a bag under the kitchen sink and when there are spills and yuck, but not enough to mop (or I just don't have the time, or OOMPH to do so) I throw on a pair (I've been known to put them on over shoes and spritz the floor with cleaner and "skate" it clean It's even kind of fun!

That's funny. I came home from work one day to find the kitchen floor clean. I asked my dh if he mopped. He said his socks got wet, so he bachelor mopped.
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