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i have been wanting to start this program for almost two years and now that im ready im hearing that there are problems with being understaffed. i wrote an email last week and havnt heard anything back. i read here that there is only one person in the office? Is anyone getting info back from them and how long does it take? is it worth the wait? when i start i want to finish as quick as possible because we may be moving out of the country at the end of the year and im a little hessitant to start if they are going to drag on things. has anyone else gone with another program? if so would you recommend doing so or is this program as awsome as i think?
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It took almost 6 wks for her to return my email. I'm still pretty sure this is the CBE program I'm going with though.
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Well I called in about a month ago give or take a few days I think. I really want to go with them. No one else offers exactly what I want but them so I guess I'm going to wait it out at least until I can talk to some one from there. I don't want to pay for anything before I get all the info.

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I have decided that ALACE is my favorite program too (for both doula & CBE). HOwever, I am waiting for them to iron out some wrinkles before I apply. There is a DONA approved training here so I am taking that and going to get certified through them. I'll get certified through ALACE at a later date.

Just my 2cents,
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Don't order your books from ALACE right now, but if you already have the materials, you can still get through the modules pretty quickly. I have still gotten my modules back within 4 weeks of sending each one!
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Well, I've already gone with another organization for my doula training, but am holding out for ALACE for childbirth educator. I just *LOVE* their program for childbirth educator certification.
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i got an emai back! it only took about a week so i guess things are comming along. so i have decided to go with the cbe and do the doula later. im very excited now!
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