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pattern/instructions for crocheting diaper cover

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Hi mamas,
I am trying to learn to crochet. I would love to make wool diaper covers for my little ones.

Does any one know of a good, fairly easy, pattern for crocheted diaper covers. I prefer shorties to a wrap but am interested in links to either.
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There is a sticky at the top of the forum with links to lots of diaper making resources, there are some patterns there.
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Hmmm...I think all the patterns for yarn soakers listed on the sticky are knitted. I've looked it over a few times & haven't seen a crocheted one. I may be wrong though....
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I always point folks to New Life Woolens on www.hyenacart.com They have TONS of nice crochet options.
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I was pretty sure there was some there, i only crochet and i think i got some from there, there is a longies pattern, its for a year old, you can easily shorten the legs to make shorties. Ok i looked through my links and here are a few i have used, or am considering:

http://www.tickleturdle.com/wrappattern.html (this one is really good, easy to make and should fit for awhile, even if it is a wrap)
http://www.craftyarncouncil.com/projects/may01.html (is an outfit but has a soaker included)
http://web.archive.org/web/200510221...og/?page_id=44 (this is my next project, really really cute shorties)
http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=495098 (has a pattern a member posted)
http://www.fullvid.com/wool/WSLinks.html (a whole list of patterns)

I think thats all i have, and they are all free, but it should keep you busy for awhile, if you Google search for crocheted baby shorts then you should be able to turn up a few more. Second hand shops often also have older baby pattern books, i have a pile from the 70's that have some really sweet shorties, but they usually are not called covers or soaker's, they are just part of an outfit.

I hope that helps, sorry about the brain fart about the sticky, if you need some help with a pattern just pm me, I am usually good at working out what is going on. Also i think there might be a couple of older posts asking a similar question, a quick search should turn them up.
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Do you have any recommendations for wool brands that can be found at stores like Michael's or AC Moore? Are any kinds better than others? I am new to cloth diapering and want to make some wool shorties to use with my fitteds. Thank you for posting these patterns-- they are exactly what I was looking for!
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Thank you so much! I can't wait to try some of these out!!
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There are also patterns listed in the Yarn Crafts forum here.
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Well i live in Australia so we have different shops, however you can use any yarn that is at least 50% wool, and has no cotton in it. I would use something soft, and medium weight. Just remember the thicker wools will give you a thicker "fabric" and the thiner will be thiner. I think most of the patterns have recomendations of what to use, so i would go with that or the pattern could end up being incorectly sized. Hope that helps.
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there is a wool soaker group on yahoo thats great and has a few crochet links, (wooly britches is good) also Dandelion Dreamers has a soaker and longies pattern thats easy to do.

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Carolina, Paton's Classic Merino would work nicely, and can be found at Michael's and JoAnn.
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