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Question re: fetal movements

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I'm wondering if by 26 weeks, the baby should have pretty regularly established movement patterns? If so, what should be "done" or looked for if the movement / activity pattern suddenly changes (increases or, in this case, decreases)?

I'm asking for myself - everything has been just fine thus far, we're planning a uc, we're at 26 weeks. Eating well, doing my own prenatals, etc. This week has been hectic, and I was out of town the week before that (which is unusual for me - I'm usually a stay at home kind of girl). Had one day and night of baby moving, kicking, turning like crazy, and then very, very quiet for the 2-3 days since. I'm getting increasingly worried and baby is getting less and less active each day. Hubby has listened to h/b with fetoscope a couple of times the last 2 days, and it's always in the 140-145 range - no trouble locating it. Baby is moving, just nowhere near the amount that's been usual for the last month or so.

I also feel like I've dropped some in size - fundal height seems to be normal, still right on target, but I just don't feel as "full" in the uterus, if you know what I mean? My weight also seem to be slipping downward rather than holding steady or going upward (this is a constant mystery to me as I started out at 200# - obese - I haven't worried until recently about my slow weight gain - but I finally made it up to 212 and now I'm back down to 207 in just a week's time - is this related to decreased activity, or just unrelated and no big deal?).

I'm trying to be super concientious with my diet - lots of protein, little to no sugar, and 2500 cal per day (haven't been tracking regularly, but every time I do track a day, I'm dead on).

Any thoughts? I don't want to worry, as I know that my emotions go right on down to baby, and I honestly don't know if there is anything to be "done" even if decreased activity was a bad sign right now. But, of course, it's very hard NOT to worry, especially when I"m doing my own prenatals, and we're planning UC! No one to talk to or bounce this stuff off of! I know that no one really starts charting fetal kicks until about 30 weeks, so I'm hoping that things are just still supposed to be really variable at this point, and it's no big deal. But my heart is worried.


Tracey Mouse
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You should be able to detect some movement every day, but all babies are different. My dd was very, very active in the womb. My ds, on the otherhand, was a sloth. He barely moved. There were times that I had to drink oj/grape juice, sit still for awhile and he still would not move. Sugar and liquid will usually get them going. I had to literally poke around my belly and wiggle it a bit to actually get him to move.
I have no idea about your weight concerns, but it is great that you have a good diet. Also, I have heard that women who are overweight to begin with need not gain a whole lot during their pg (20-30 lbs at the most).
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What is today like?
:-) Hope you're feeling bettter!
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Today seems totally back to normal. After being very worried last night, and doing kick counts (only got 5-6 per hour), this morning I woke up and things were totally fine - more like 40+ per hour when baby is awake. And baby was easy to stimulate, and seemed to awake very regularly throughout the day. So, maybe all the prayers helped, or my little conversations with baby, or whatever the deal was worked itself out.

I got an email from mothering.com that there was another reply here, but it's not showing up that I can see, and the poster raised a good question, which I wanted to answer. She wondered if I knew whether or not I was diabetic (or had gestational diabetis) since I started this pg with an obese BMI, and am doing my own pregnatal care. I wanted to let her know that I am fine, and I check my glucose levels every two weeks to keep track of things. So far, so good. I've been just checking fasting levels, but now that I'm closing in on the 3rd trimester, I'm going to also start doing checks at various hourly intervals after eating, to track my insulin response, too. I avoid sugars and processed foods, anyways, and eat a very healthy, mostly whole-foods diet, also following Dr. Brewer's suggestions (to prevent pre-eclampsia or PIH). My weight has come up a couple of pounds, and I've been hungry pretty much 24 hrs a day the last 2 days, so maybe we're just experiencing a growth spurt here?

Anyway, thanks for the responses, and things seem to be back to our "normal for us" pattern today! Whew!

Tracey Mouse
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