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5-HTP has really helped me!

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just wanted to post my experience with this. i tried inositol first and noticed no effect. but within a few days of starting the 5-HTP i felt a lot better. i am also taking GABA--i take the 5-HTP in the morning and the GABA at night. neither really makes me sleepy, though.

i have now been on 5-HTP for about 2 months, and DH has noticed a big difference and says i seem much happier. i basically just don't have that hopeless, helpless, head in a fog, i hate everything feeling anymore.

i know everyone is different, and you just have to keep trying to see what works for you, but if you're thinking about 5-HTP, i say try it

i was also hesitant because i read conflicting things about taking it and nursing, but i know others who have, and i decided to try it. no effect on the babe that i can see, and i feel like it can't be any riskier than a Rx anti-depressant (which i have taken and nursed, as well). i feel as good now as i felt on wellbutrin--if anything better.
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Interesting! I had not heard about this. I've really struggled with anxiety and sort of an aggitated depression. Do you know if 5-HTP would help this? Also, how much do you take and at what time of day?

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I, too, am interested in how much you take. I have a bottle and I took some for a few days, but starting having stomach troubles (perhaps unrelated?) and stopped. Perhaps my dosage was off?
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sorry it's taken me awhile to get back to you guys! i take 1 capsule each morning, which is 50 mg. i have heard of people taking more, so i think this is a rather small dose. a few days when i've been feeling worse for whatever reason, i take 2.

i haven't noticed any stomach problems at all.

i definitely think it would help an anxious, agitated depression because that EXACTLY describes the type of depression i always get!

ETA: also, the brand i am taking is natural balance. there is some B6 also in it, in addition to the 5-HTP.
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readytobedone-Thank you for starting this thread. I have been needing something better than fish oil, doesn't really work anymore. Considering giving the 5-HTP and GABA a try. Thank you again
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I started taking 5-HTP (100mg) at night, and it's really helped me sleep.
I take GABA in the mornings.

Feeling better already. More calm, less stressed.
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Thank-you for this thread, it is actually making me excited. I've taken 5-HTP before, but not exactly everyday. Let's just say it was for another purpose. Though perhaps related to why I feel I need it now...

I've never heard of GABA, though, I don't think. Can somebody elaborate? I assume that you are talking about this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GABA
Can it be found with other supplements? I've just never noticed it.

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This is interesting! I've decided to start weaning off Lexapro now that I am 20 weeks pregnant. I read a study that reports adverse affects in fetal lung development in mothers who took Lexapro after 20 weeks gestation.

Does anyone know off-hand if it is safe to take while pregnant?

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I am reading the mood cure so I am getting ready to try 5-HTP and the fish oil. I hope I have the success that you have. This depression is bad news.

Thanks for posting, when you are depressed it is hard to feel that anything will help.
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