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November 2008 Belly Pictures! - Page 13

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Here are my only belly pics so far....at 36 weeks.

I wanted more but professional pics cost SOOO much!! I guess baby pics are next.

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Oh what the heck. Ya'll don't care if I look like poo (I've been sick all week) or if I have stretch marks all over. It'll just make you feel better about the way you look!

Here I am at 37 weeks:


And 40 weeks minus 2 days, wearing the only clothes that fit me, besides my super jumbo sweats (dirty) and my MuuMuu (covers too much to really get a feel for how huge I am).


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Heres my Halloween picture.. I posted it in the Halloween thread but I thought I would post it here too since I really haven't posted pictures over here.

38 weeks 3 days
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Here's my 36 week picture, beside my 28 week one:


Can't wait to post a baby one in a few weeks!!
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I had some photos done, so far just sneak peaks on a blog but I thought ya'll might wanna see! You have to scroll down a few family groups, to the one titled "one big family" here you go
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First attempt at posting pics, sorry if this doesn't work!

RockportMama and RockportBelly this morning down by the water Little Bay -- about 5 min from the house, and RockportPapa and RockportLittleMan last April (they're just so handsome!):

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I really wish I didnt have to do this anymore. About 39w 2d. I have had enough!!! Hopefully I will have another full moon baby and he will be here friday!

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i was really hoping to not need to post belly pics this week :[

39 weeks side:



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You and me, both Stardust!

40 weeks 4 days. Induction Scheduled for next Wednesday.

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Hi -

Here are belly pics from 38 weeks plus a few days....just scroll through first few pics of our bedroom "birth altar".

Now I'm 39 w 1 day....oh crap, has it really come down to counting the days too???


The funny thing is that I was actually MUCH more "done" about a month ago and thought I would be totally miserable by now. I guess quitting work (which I did 2 weeks ago) gave me a whole new lease on life! Weirdly, my back hurts LESS now, I have more energy and I actually feel social. Wonder how long that will last!
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