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Weekly Chit Chat 3/16 - 3/22

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Well, since a new one hasn't been started yet, I figured I would start it

I am 11 weeks tomorrow and am so happy about that. That means I'm almost out of the first trimester and my LO is now considered a fetus instead of an embryo

Good luck with the week ahead ladies!
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Oh, and HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY EVERYBODY !!!! I didn't even realize it lol! Tonite we can all have some good ole non alcoholic beer haha!
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Yeah...happy St. Patty's Day!!

Well i'm 9 weeks now, MS is still hanging in there....last night wasn't a good night but i feel ok this morning. I seem tohave it backwards...i get "evening sickness". My pants are getting tighter but i haven't bought anything new...i'm doing the rubber band trick for now.

My kids have spring break this week, but it snowed a ton last night. Suppose to be nice by the end of the week though. Maybe they'll get to go outside and playat some point this week....lol! I still haven't told my mom...yeah maybe next week for Easter, but i've told close friends (they are all excited and happy for me). That's about it for me!
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Happy St Patty's Day!! I managed to find a green shirt to wear today that actually fits, woo hoo!

I've had a pretty good couple of days...with the exception of yesterday. I worked a full shift (12hrs) Saturday night and didn't take much time to stop and eat b/c we were so busy. It really caught up to me once the sun came up and by the time I left I was feeling horrible. I came home and slept til dinnertime. Today I'm feeling kind of slow but at least I'm vertical. I have to work again tonight so I'm gonna try and take it easy today. I'm almost 10 weeks so I'm hoping I'll be out of the woods soon. I can't wait for that 2nd trimester energy boost!

Have a great week!!
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You guys wanna hear something cool? I just did a trimester calculator thing on the intarwebz and found out that I'm starting my 2nd trimester the day before my birthday (Friday) and starting the 3rd trimester on the 4th of July - which is my favorite holiday! How uncanny is that?

Feeling okay today, no real nausea to speak of, but it's early yet. I bought some new cereal and it kinda tastes like French Toast Crunch, so that was interesting. Hmm, other than that, not too much new to report. We are still trying to get flights to and from Hawaii, but haven't been able to book anything. Black out dates so far have been the suck, so we're still looking and crossing all our crossables. I just really want to go and can't wait to get there and relax!!
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I'm 12 weeks today!!! yeh!!!
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Happy St. Patty's Day! I totally forgot that was today until I got to work and saw almost everyone wearing green. LOL.

I am 8 weeks today! Its hard to be patient, especially since I just want to get out of the 1st trimester, but I guess I really don't have a choice. Ha, ha!

I've got a bit of nausea. I'm SOO TIRED- all.the.time. Its never ending, all I want to do is sleep. Which makes work, cleaning, cooking- oh pretty much everything really difficult.

We still haven't decided on a care provider, and I'm just tryng to be patient.

Have a great week ladies!
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This is my 11th week too! I'm so excited to be nearing the end of the first tri. I gave in and have been wearing maternity the past few days. I had nothing to wear that was comfy. Oh well, I'm filling them out well,

I went to a healthy pregnancy fair this weekend and won a great door prize- an hour long message! Not sure when I'll use it but it's nice to know it's there.

We also took the kids to see Horton Hears a Who. It sucked, I thought and was kinda bummed to have spent 50 bucks on that outing.

Yesterday until 3 Am this morning I had a baaaad headache. It's snowing and icy here to I didn't want to send DH out to get tylenol and finally gave in and took an advil. I felt less than good about taking it but it was that or valium at that point. Really bad TMJ headache. I felt 100% better within about an hour and feel just fine this morning.
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Guys!!! We booked Hawaii!!! We'll be having fun in the sun from 4/29-5/13! I'll be around 18-20 weeks - cute baby bump time! I can't wait!

Jord - sucks that you thought the movie stunk! I wanted to go see that! Was it just boring or were the voices not convincing or something?
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Jord, I had a bad migraine earlier in my pg in the wee hours of the morning and we don't have any 24 hr stores here and hadn't gotten around to getting any Tylenol yet! I ended up taking something I was less than thrilled about as well, but I had lasted about 4 hours with all my other pain management techniques and just couldn't do it anymore. Finally 3 hours after that (in which the pain was controlled but not gone) the stores opened and Dh went and got me the tylenol and I was finally able to sleep.

Yeah Baby Cakes, Hawaii!!! What a sweet pg vacation!!!

Not much new here, I can't believe how many of you are so close to being out of the 1st tri!! Guess that comes from being at the latter end of the month; I'm almost 9 wks. Still, it's very exciting!!
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Oh, I am sorry to hear about Horton. My sisters boyfriend worked on that (creating characters) and so we are all excited for it to come out. We just didn't make it this weekend. I think I will like because of our connection. He and my sis went to LA last week for the opening and I got pics of them on the red carpet and all!

Regarding headaches, I am doing the "Heal your headache" diet. I am really trying to control them since they have been bad. I'm just so tired of it. I was having a good day yesterday and popped out for an hour of shopping, got the store and had the migraine "visual disurbance" , came home, had a headache and spent the rest of the day zonked out in bed. I feel like I barely got to see DS this weekend with how much time I was down.
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The kids thought is was just ok. DH and I were like, OMG will it ever end!!!! I don't know. The story was really really slow. I was just bored to tears. Usually, I like the movies I take the kids to see. Maybe you guys will like it!
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Ugh, I feel awful. The flu has passed and left me with just extreme exhaustion but m/s is back in full force and then some. I'm so nauseous all the time, I wish I could just puke. Food seems to aggrivate it. Every time I ate over the weekend, it'd make me feel better for about 15 min and then the nausea was worse than before I ate. Ick. I guess I need to make a trip to the store and get some Preggie Pops or something.

Are Tums safe during pregnancy? I've had issues with acid and indigestion and milk isn't really helping.
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Baby Cakes I'm so jealous!!! What an awesome reward for making it out of the 1st tri! I wish I could talk DH into a trip. But, we did a big trip for our 1st anniversary back in Oct and he saw that as a one last trip before becoming parents. Oh well.
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Carrie, it's cool to share a edd with you so I can find out these goodies abotu my own pregnancy, as well, lol! I read Dr. Christine Northrup say that the first time she felt one of her babies move was when she was sunbathing... maybe you'll feel your little peanut move while you're having fun in the Hawaii sun! How exciting! While you're there, I'll be driving x-country, moving from PA to OR!!

Well, I have to go lie down for a bit, but I'll be back later to respond to the rest! Thanks for the lucky new thread, triple07!
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Tara, to answer your question, tums are safe to take. I just went to the doctor today and she recommended them for my HORRIBLE indigestion and bloating!!

I also had an u/s and both babies are doing good! hb's of 160 and 170 and measuring right at 9 weeks. They look so close together in there, but they found a memberane today, indicating that they are in separate amniotic sacs, which is good, that means they can't get there cords tangled and stuff!
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I'm 11 weeks today and the last few days have been really good for me. I've gotten a lot of sleep so I'm not falling over with exhaustion and I've been able to eat without feeling nauseated, although I am definitely eating a lot smaller portions than normal still. I feel a lot more human than I did a few weeks ago though.

Question: Is anyone feeling movement yet? I've felt a few of those butterfly feelings low in my pelvis, too low to be gas and I'm certain it's the baby moving. :
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I think so. I felt some flutters the past few days.
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I'm 9 weeks tomorrow! Woohoo! I can't believe some in this group are already 12 weeks. So awesome! I'm still sick, but I feel like I might be through the worst of it. I'm just so tired of the constant nauseous feeling, not wanting ANYTHING to touch my belly. I want to be proud of my belly, not mad at it for making me so sick! And people are starting to figure out I'm pg at work. I guess I'd better tell the boss.

Baby Cakes I'm insanely jealous! Hawaii is my dream vacation. I hope you have a wonderful time. Go find some cute swimsuits to show off your bump!

DreamsInDigital, I don't think I've felt any yet. But like I said, I'm only 9 weeks. I didn't feel movement until 17 weeks with my first. I guess mamas feel it sooner in subsequent pregnancies though?
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Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital View Post
Question: Is anyone feeling movement yet? I've felt a few of those butterfly feelings low in my pelvis, too low to be gas and I'm certain it's the baby moving. :
I felt my son at 12 weeks, even though he was my first and everyone said it was gas.. it was him It was the same place and same feeling when he started to get bigger, plus I just had a feeling it was him. It was maybe once a week until around 16-17 weeks when it was regular movements.

That said, I swear I've felt this one. I'm 9wk 5d, but there's the possibility I'm farther along (last normal period was in Nov, dec and Jan were just spotting) so I'm hoping that I am and that I am feeling baby, and am not just crazy. I will find out on April 2nd when I go for an u/s.
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