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NY, You've Been Used (from Truthout.org)

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"First of all, understand that these ideas were formulated well before September 11. These officials within the Bush administration did not cobble these concepts together in the aftermath of that attack, but had them waiting before the attack ever came, and used the attack to bulldog these ruinous policies out into the world. That is disturbing on its face. In a moment, I will share with you the most disturbing part of all."
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So many Americans poopoo the idea that there is a governmental conspiracy happening all around us......they think it is bullcrap. Hilary, you are right, the writing IS on the wall, but most don't want to see it. Most don't want to look at it. It would be too disturbing. I love your signature statement!!!

Yes, all of this was in plan well before Sept 11th. It took a majorly catestrophic event to propell us towards the "Undeclared" war in Iraq. The fact that this war was not officially declared a war by Congress outrages me. The Gulf War was the same.

Joyce in the Mts - I am dying to know what it is you find to be the most disturbing of all....I hope you will post soon and tell us....in the meantime, what I find most disturbing of all is that the U.N. is behind this. The United States needs DESPERATELY to GET OUT of the United Nations. Most people I have met know and feel the U.N. is a major threat to our National Soveignty, yet they can't seem to put their finger on WHY!!!! I say if more people would get involved, if they would take the time to research it from all angles...not just a few angles, but ALL angles....they will learn why they have this dark and foreboding feeling that the U.N. is bad for America!!!
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R&B'sMom, what's the problem with the UN?

I'm not crazy about the UN for all sorts of reasons, but am genuinely interested in knowing the reason why you think it's "bad" for the US & the world and why the US should pull out.

Of course, anyone else who cares to share ...

Oh, and JintheM, if that's a hijack, I do apologize, and will start a new thread.
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Originally posted by Rie&BugsMom
in the meantime, what I find most disturbing of all is that the U.N. is behind this. The United States needs DESPERATELY to GET OUT of the United Nations. Most people I have met know and feel the U.N. is a major threat to our National Soveignty, yet they can't seem to put their finger on WHY!!!! I say if more people would get involved, if they would take the time to research it from all angles...not just a few angles, but ALL angles....they will learn why they have this dark and foreboding feeling that the U.N. is bad for America!!!
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Originally posted by Rie&BugsMom
Joyce in the Mts - I am dying to know what it is you find to be the most disturbing of all....I hope you will post soon and tell us
Those weren't JITM's words, they were from the article which she linked to. If you read the article you will see what he is talking about as the most disturbing thing of all.

And I am also curious why you think the UN is behind all this????
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First off...

If you click the link I posted in the OP...you will find out what is so disturbing by reading the article. That is why I posted it.

Amy... no apologies necessary since you ask the same question I had...agreed re: the imperfections of the UN, but why should we pull out? (and what does this have to do with the price of tea in China?)

(Incidentally, most folks I know who are against the UN with white hot hatred, are members of the John Birch Society...go google it and take a look at their website sometime if you wish. They think that environmentalism is about worshipping the earth (*gasp*) is evil and trying to convert your children... and while I am a dirt-worshipping tree hugger; a pagan even, I am NOT evil and further, ummm maybe this isn't clear but, we DO need to preserve what's left of the planet or at least attempt to preserve it, in order to live; not like it's an option.) There Amy...I hijacked myself, eh ?

So R&B's Mom...I certainly acknowledge and honor your feeling on the UN, but that is NOT the sinister force at work IMO.

I suggest reading the article.


You DON'T want to know what my personal most disturbing feeling is... trust me!

Joyce in the mts.
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Oh I see the writing on the wall alright! Its just maybe I'm reading different writing then some of you......and disturbing? YES it it...very....
Oh boy...
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I would love to say why I think the U.N. is bad for the U.S. I will certainly make that reply in a seperate post today. Right now, I only have a few short moments.

To comment on the above link from J in the M - I stand corrected!!! I did not notice the quotations around her post. I thought it was her speaking. I did go to the article, but I scanned through it. It is apparent I made a hasty reply. I mentioned the U.N. in my reply because I was thinking she was going to come back and post what she thought was most disturbing of all. In waiting for her to come back and make the post I merely stated what I thought was most disturbing of all.

I have to be out the door, but I will be making that reply you guys keep asking for.
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Sorry I did not make the reply I wanted to on the day I said I was going to. However, I had a trip to make with my Father the next day on a two day trip of driving. Then we had Isabel rip through our state. We were without power for a very long time. It is back, and so am I. Also had major ankle problems the day I came back from my trip and found out I need surgery to correct it. Anyway....

I feel the U.N. is bad for the U.S. due to the research I have done in reading some books...."Financial Terrorism" by John F. McManus", "Inside the United Nations", and "Global Gun Grab" I can't remember who wrote the last two, but when I find it I will tell you.

I also have been listening to the news to get a biased "media" account. Also research things on the internet to get opinions from both sides.

I have viewed a video called "The U.N. Deception". I found that one quite frightening. It was about the Rwanda incident and the so-called "cleansing" they did. It was also about the plan the U.N. has for America !! If those of you who are questioning why I believe the U.N. is bad for the U.S., I highly suggest you take steps to look into it. One must research things for themselves to gain a clearer picture. Look at it from all angles before you make a conclusive decision. I can sit here all day and debate why I believe it to be true....but so many of you will be skeptical and come back with massive negativity, or attitudes trying to shoot me down. That seems to be the norm with hard-hitting issues I have discussed in the past. I am not interested in getting into a massive *debate* until said- person has decided to check into this issue for themselves.

I can tell you this though.....The U.N. is behind the disarming of America. Agreed, guns kill people. I can understand that a lot of people want to get *rid* of guns per se....however, when you disarm the american people who constitutionally have a right to defend themselves and family against attackers, and defend their property, it makes it easy for Gov't to come in and take over. That is the goal of the U.N. - To disarm America !!! Once that task is complete, it is easy to come in and take over according to the U.N. plan.
Are any of you aware of FEMA and what some of their facilities may be used for in the future? How about the public school system? Are you aware that it is probable that during a time of massive gov't chaos, or during a terrorist attack near you that the schools will detain your children and you will not have access to them? Are you aware that your very own children can be moved elsewhere and you will not know where they are taken to? The schools will go into a lock-down. You will not be able to get in, and they will not be able to get out. I know this for a fact because I have researched it and thought it was a bunch of malarchy at first...then I dug deeper in it....I was shocked. Then I received a notice from the school system about this very thing that could happen in the event of such an issue. I was holding the proof, right in my very hand!!! There is so much that the public on the whole is not aware of because it is too frightening to look into. Most people do not want to look into it. They just want to go about their merry lives living the way they do, and not ever "think" about the possible comings of the future. I used to be one of those people until I decided to check into this stuff for myself. One door opened, which led me to look into something else, which led me to continue investigating things......and to tell you the truth, it is downright scarry when I have compiled all sides of the U.N. issue and read books and watched videos, etc.

Most people turned their noses up at me when I talked of the Big Brother issue of the RFID tags and their probably potential of tracking consumers. Guess what? I am not as crazy as people made me out to be. There was an article in my home town paper about the use of RFID tags in Brochton, Massachusettes. People were outraged when they found out about it. Maybe not enough people to counter the use of them, but still, there was outrage and people who felt as I do... That it is the beginning of the tracking of U.S. citizens and their spending and so on. Tracking us like this is totally unconstitutional.

Oh man, I could go on and on and on...but I am nearly certain that I will receive enough flack that I won't need to continue. Those of you who do not want to take the time to look into things for yourselves certainly have that right. Those of you who do not agree with what I say here , certainly have that right as well. Those of you who do take the time to extensively research are definitely applauded by me, simply because you care enough to be concerned about your future and the future of your children.

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Can you tell me how FEMA and the UN are connected?

I happen to agree with the concern abt lockdown.............I was floored in 1999 when a state senator read the laws regarding "right of retention" that the Dept of Public Health and DCFS would have. It says that if the DPH deemed it neccy that DCFS could come to my door take my children, vax them, and bring them back

But........these are concerns within our own governments and I don't see what the UN has to do with them.

I would also venture a guess that many around the world would like to see us disarm nuclearly and militarily not the ewes and mees. And, I daresay, I would agree with that.

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I don't believe we as Americans should disarm militarily or nuclearly. We as Americans have the right to "protect" our land and our Constitution on which this land is based upon.

I am not sure I can tell you "exactly" how the U.N. and FEMA are connected. However, if you research these issues for yourself from all angles, you will see ties to the "New World Order" definitely related to the U.N. and the U.N.'s plan for America. If you research FEMA, you will see how their facility's can and probably will be used for housing Americans during a future take-over.

All of these things I have researched are connected, but not totally connected. They are all working together. It is really hard to explain to someone who doesn't have a base knowledge. I am not saying I won't try to explain or give you resources to look at. I probably will. But it is way more indepth than what I can explain at the moment. What I know of is from YEARS of research on all angles.

I saw a video called "9-11 The Road to Tyranny", which covered a lot of ground. Not just the 9-11 attacks but also the Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah building, the U.N., and the plan to use FEMA facilities. I saw actual newscast people right after the attacks speaking. I saw a gov't official interviewed right there at the attack site stating she definitely heard more than one explosion. I heard a bomb expert speak of how he was not allowed near the site because he took one look at the building and knew for a fact that it took MULTIPLE bombs set off within the INSIDE of the building to bring it down to the destruction it was in. Not just the bomb inside the van parked outside. This expert was not allowed near the building because his opinion did not corroborate the story the gov't was trying to put out. This particular video also showed video clips that the later general media was not allowed to release in later media reportings.

I want to make it clear that I am a skeptical person as most of you are. However, I have the mind set of someone who wants to know ALL of the different angles before I make (what I consider to be) an Informed decision.
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Sorry if this is a bit OT, but I have a comment to make about the US people's right to bear arms.
If we wanted to wipe out our gov't or, as someone mentioned above, defend ourselves from our gov't, I can guarantee you that even if every house had five guns a piece we would barely put a dent into the weapons our gov't has access to. I have never understood this argument.
About the U.N. - I read a long time ago that while George Bush Sr. was in office, he had a document drawn up with the U.N. that if citizens wanted to overthrow our gov't, the UN had the right to come in and take control and subdue the people. By "subdue" I guess that means killing the people who are trying to overthrow the gov't. Also, we (being the Americans) are not the people of European descent who started mass genocide, taking over other countries, and converting those people to our belief systems. This started "over there", and we came here to get away from that and we had a war, for Chr*st sake, to get "rid" of the U.N. And now we're back in their bosom again. Kind of freaky. We are just an extension of them; when did this happen? When did we decide to be best buds with them again?
Edited to add... can you tell History was my weakest subject?
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I'm with you on the sentiment of the RFID tags R&BM, but what has that got to do with the UN? Last I knew, Wal-mart, the Gap, and United Colors of Beneton were not a part of the UN. There's WTO stuff with these corporations, of course, but not UN. Can you provide a web address for the connection?

Also, I've done a google search on FEMA, the UN, and the new world order, and the first 50 sites are not sites I see as being credible. A lot of them talk about Armageddon and Y2K also. I'm with you on a lot of what you say, but your losing me with the UN part.
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