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My water

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just broke.

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OMG! YAY! I just jumped out my seat when I opened the thread Good luck mama! I hope you are holding your little one very soon! You give me hope I might not go super overdue with mine
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Sending you good labor vibes
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*does dance!*

keep us updated!
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Wheeee! :
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oh, and no quirky, corky mucous plug either!!!

I'm shaking. I'm so nervous. I feel all discombobulated because my birth pool isn't here. Dh is on his way to get stuff from the store (stuff we were putting off buying until our next paycheck came in). I need to get organized. Sheesh. Talk about NOT feeling prepared!
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OMG!! How exciting!! I can't wait to hear how it goes!!
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My first reaction was "you bitch!" but I soon got over my jealousy and I'm hoping all goes well and you can up date us soon!!! YAY!!!

I'm near tears over here now... So happy ...*gush*
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Sending you lots of well wishes for an easy labor mama!
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Easy labor vibes to YOU mama!

Deep breaths.

Guzzle that RRL tea!

Imagine a beautiful delicate cabbage rose slowly unfolding!
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*happy dance for you*

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Originally Posted by willemsmamma View Post
just broke.


Easy Labor Vibes heading your way....
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Wishing you a lovely birth!!!!!!!!!!!!
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ZOMG!!! So exciting! Go mama, go!
Snif. I can't believe it...it's our turn at last. So incredible :
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Sending you peaceful and easy labor vibes!!!! (and I secretly hope I'm not far behind you )
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Quick and easy labour vibes to you!!
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Good luck!
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Best wishes for an awesome and quick labor!
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How exciting! Best wishes for a peaceful birth! :
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Crashing the DDC briefly to say, woo hoo!!! I'll be thinking about you and sending you vibes for an easy and manageable labor! Will be anxiously awaiting updates!!!!
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