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Beans for drying

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I'd like to try growing beans for drying. So far we've only grown bean that we eat fresh or freeze.

Does anyone have any tips or favorite varieties?

We've had pretty good luck with beans like Provider and Royal Burgundy.
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I did black-eyed peas (I know not a bean, but I dried it ) and lima beans. We grew them to give to the goats. They were easy. I want to try some new ones this year. Not sure what. Looking at the moment.
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I grew trail of tears,christmas limas,mother stollard and true cranberry last year.They were all yummy and easy.
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I've grown garbanzo, Jacob's cattle, kidney, black turtle, (and a couple others that I can't remember at the moment).

My biggest tip is to leave them on the plant until they are REALLY brown and dry. It's much easier to collect them once they are dry rather than harvest them too soon and then deal with having to find a good place to dry them out if they're still damp when harvested.

Here's a fun site for bean seeds:
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Thank you for all the suggestions. This gives me a good mix. We have a seed place in town that I really like, so I will probably compare these with what they have available.

They sell seeds by the 1/4 oz, on up. They serve gardeners and some small local farmers, and their bulk seed (and spice) prices are good.
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How much space/how many plants do you need to make it worth it? I use tons of dried beans, and would love to try some varieties they don't carry in the market here, but I'm not sure I have enough space to grow them. Are they more or less productive than shell peas?
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They are not nessisaraly a traditional dried bean, but I've let scarlet runner beans rippen all they way and dry and they were quite tasty. I like that I can eat them as snap beans and dried and they are a very pretty plant too.
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