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Ds is a few days shy of 4 months. Our current nap "routine" is that at some point in the afternoon, he and I get in bed and I nurse him to sleep. I hang out with him until he wakes up fully (usually about 2 hours). He typically wakes up several times just enough to nurse. at other times during the day, he takes several short naps on my lap (again being nursed to sleep) or on a walk in the jogging stroller. None of this is a problem for me. I enjoy our nap time very much. BUT ... I'm going back to work in a few more months and I don't want to put ds in a situation in which he is going to suffer. (I plan on doing a nanny share with a friend, not day care BTW).

What if anything should I be doing now to help prepare ds for taking naps with someone else when he can't nurse to sleep? What nap routines do you follow for your babe? I should add that I can't get ds to sleep any other way, and he always wakes up if I try to put him down.