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What diaper cream do you love?

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Suggestions please!!
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Weleda (sp?)! It smells good and seems to work really well
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I really like mother love diaper and thrush relief salve. It works wonders and is safe for cds!
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I hate anything with zinc oxide (no special reason, just don't care for the thick white stuff), so I love Earth Mama Angel Baby Baby Bottom Balm and Kuumba Made Herbal Healing Salve.
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Weleda! they make 2 kinds I think, one with zinc (called diaper rash cream) and one without (my favorite, called diaper cream).
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Thank you so much!!
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I use Burt's Bees diaper rash cream when dd gets red. Other than that, I don't use anything.
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BADGER BABY BALM when the rash isn't too bad, and CALIFORNIA BABY when the rash is a little worse. Both very safe!
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We use Burt's Bees when DD gets rashy.
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We like northern Essence and Burt's Bees.
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I love Earth Mama Angel Baby. If DD is ever irritated I put it one one time and she's like new. I think that stuff is magic.
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Before we started CD'ing, I loved Butt Paste. It feels and smells much nicer than other zinc oxide creams. Now, I use Northern Essence, but I hardly ever need to use it since we switched to cloth.
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Another vote for Earth Mama Angel Baby...that stuff works wonders.
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Weleda is our favorite, California Baby Calming Diaper Rash Cream is our second fave.
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I have 3 I switch between. Magic Stick, Grandma El's and JMBS LOL They are all good and cloth diaper friendly!
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Butt Paste
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Fortunately we haven't had to use it very often at all... but so far we've liked Badger Diaper Cream and Baby Balm.
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