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It's a little disconcerting, still, when i look at myself sideways and see all that belly there!
I was making cookies at my neighbor's house and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror... I thought "d@mn, this apron's unflattering!" Then I remembered: I'm pregnant!
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I feel pretty good so far. My face has broken out a lot more than normal but overall I feel "cute" I think! I don't get to wear cute clothes for work so that is the only downer. Today was the first day that someone who didn't already know I was pregnant actually asked if I was expecting... I was all, "You can tell?? Really???" Kind of exciting, for now anyway.
I think that the past few months of taking really good care of myself have really boosted my self-esteem also - no more of that late night drinking/fatty food combo that really seemed to get me (several times a week..) I wasn't truly overweight before but I think that my overall body composition is better now despite the weight gain. I have been just eating when I'm hungry and trying to stay away from sugar. Makes me feel a lot more confident that I will be able to lose the weight afterwards!!
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still look like me but filling out cant waiti until it gets warmer to show off my belly and all i love being prego dont get me wrong i have to pee constantly which makes it difficult to go out and heartburn is already plaguing me but other than that
ive decided to take monthly pics starting last month since all my fam and friends live on opposite coast
we live on myspace haha
they made me get one
heres some pics i took today it was a beautiful 70 degrees cool and windy
then it started to rain haha


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I look horrible! My skin is SO, SO dry and I look like an old woman with a peeling face. I never thought I would be wishing for summer humidity. Also blemishes and frizzy hair.
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I'm lovin' the boobs and the belly, but the butt... not so much. I'm also sweating alot already - fun.

Originally Posted by diamond lil View Post
Also, my thighs are rubbing together. I hate that.
Me too, Mama, me too!
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well I had been feeling pretty big and grumpy lol, but my mom and mil were visiting the other day and they both said I'm super glowing and pretty so that made me feel awesome and yes it was un-prompted hhaha.. My mil also said I was small and apparently her eyesight must be going because small hasn't been used to describe me since I was like 5 years old lol
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All in all I think I look great. I get a couple more breakouts on my right cheek (on one side? what the hell?) and some on my back but I can deal.

I said "hi" to one of the ER doctors the other day, he didn't know I was pregnant, later that day he told the man that I look great and I'm "glowing." Another doctor keeps telling me I'm not pregnant and just lying. Scrubs hide a lot I tell ya!

My boobs have gone up two cup sizes which shocked me. I wear sport bras under my scrubs so when I bought a new bra my jaw dropped. I was barely an A cup so having to wear a C is....wow.

I told the man that I get my belly and boobs getting bigger but why my butt? His answer? "Your butt's getting bigger because God loves me."
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