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Bumkins users, what to do with wiggly baby?

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Hi, I have very much enjoyed reading all the diapering information on here, but haven't been able to find anything about our particular problem.

We have used Bumkins covers with regular ol' prefolds since our DD was born 8 months ago, and really like them a lot. Recently, however, we have had trouble with the back ventilation flap coming up during the night as she wiggles around, which lets her clothes and the bed (we recently went to full cosleeping from having her right next to our bed) get wet.

We use an extra-thick prefold with a fleece liner during the night, and don't change her until morning because that really makes her cry, and she's not a cryer in general, so that's hard on all of us! But of course we don't want her clothes and everything getting all wet, and I think it's waking her up some. We've tried putting on the next-size-up cover for night, but that didn't work either, so I think it's just that she's gotten wigglier.

I'm wondering if other Bumkins-users or people who use similar diapers could give me suggestions? We've actually used a piece of duct tape to keep the flap down a couple of times, but are looking for a more permanent solution! Although I've done quite a bit of research about diapers, we haven't experimented with other kinds because of budget issues, and until now we've been totally happy with what we chose. (Also, I have trouble actually visualizing kinds I haven't seen, so it's hard to choose in the abstract.) We are willing to invest in another kind of diaper, but would like to find something of a similar type, since we like the Bumkins covers so much overall. Can anyone give me suggestions?
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I'd say to try another cover for nighttime--because if it's the flap, you really can't do much about it, other than tape it down! I like Thirsties covers--you can get free shipping on covers here. I think you would like the Thirsties--they are still flexible (like Bumkins), though they are cut a little fuller. They would work fine for nighttime, though. You could also try adding a hemp doubler--maybe you need a little extra absorbancy, too?

Hope you find a solution--but if you're happy with what you have, don't reinvent the wheel (it's easy to get sucked into diaper mania )--just get a cover to use at nighttime.
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Thanks, that's exactly the kind of recommendation I was looking for. DH also has the idea of putting a stitch or two in the back to keep the flap down, but I'm wondering if that will make un-waterproof spots as well. Maybe we'll try both things and see which works better.

Thanks again for the recommendation!
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