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sleepy baby

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my baby is so sleepy! i think this is normal just wierd for me. vincie is 8 days old and was born 2 1/2 weeks early. i have to wake her to feed her and then she falls right back to sleep. she usually has a little amount of time each day where she is alert. she is happy and content at this time and just looks around. even when she is nursing she is just very laid back and takes her time with the whole thing.

this is the complete opposite of ds. he was born almost full term, came out very alert and stayed that way. he nursed all the time, like a little shark. i remember many nights sitting up with him all night long.

so i am not complaining but this is just so different. i feel like i have a doll!

anyone else have a sleepy baby?
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Yes! My Lydia has been my sleepiest baby. It's been a total surprise. My first four children had various degrees of sleeping/waking/fussing/eating etc. But none of them slept for so much of the day and night.

Like you, I'm not complaining, but it is very strange!
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My second daughter was like that, she slept all the time. DD3 is now 12 days old and she's starting to be awake for upwards of an hour or so in the evening. But still sleepy most other times. DD1 and DD2 are starting to get annoyed by how much she sleeps (they want to play with her).
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That's pretty common for slightly early babies. Enjoy it!
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