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WWYD- doppler repair

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I bought a huntleigh D920 on ebay for $212. It seemed like it would work as it turned on and off, but about a month later when I went to use it on a mom, it didn't work (volume was too low to here and it could barely find the hearttones). I contacted the seller on ebay and she told me "tough luck, it worked when I mailed it". So, I just finally got around to mailing it in and it will cost $188 to repair it. The volume was shot, something wrong with some crystal thing too. I am assuming the smartest thing to do is to have it repaired, correct? I should put this money into it and it should be like new, right???

I am feeling really dumb for buying something like this on ebay from just a random person who ended up mailing it to me in just a padded envelope. I am wishing I would have had a way to test it out as soon as it arrived so I could have seen it was broken much sooner and pursued getting my money back. Now it is all too late.

So, before doing anything else dumb, I figure I should ask here and just see what everyone else would do. Would you put that much into this doppler or would you buy something cheaper? Or would you just buy new and pretend you never made the original purchase? It just hurts to know that by the time I pay for repairs, I could have just bought a brand new one on sale.
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cascade is having a special on d920s right now...

sorry about the Ebay fiasco!!!!

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I'd put it away, buy another, and when I had the money to spare, get the broke one fixed.
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Thanks for the replies. I looked up the sale at Cascade and realized I would save nearly 200 on the cost of a new one, so in the end after I would get a new one and get mine repaired, I would end up with 2 for just $200 more than having one new one. That doesn't seem so bad.

Do you think I should get the same Huntleigh or should I go with something else? Something cheaper?
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