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Any mommies in Montgomery County, PA?

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Hi! I'm new to these boards, and just wondering if there are any other moms in Montgomery County. It's neat to talk to people who live near you!
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I'm not actually in montgomery county but i'm right next to you in berks county. I'm in wyomissing which is about a 20 minute drive to pottstown area. Where in mont co are you? you can e-mail me at surendr2thaphlow@aol.com
much love
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I am located in the Lansdale area, very close to the Lansdale exit off of the PA turnpike/NE extention. Pottstown is probably about 30-40 minutes from here.
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I am in Montgomery county in King of Prussia

And look how close in age our dc are!

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snoodess~ nice to meet a fellow Montgomery County resident! I am very familar with K of P. My dh works in Malvern, and we often meet for lunch around there. Plus, I used to live in Norristown which is very close. I hope you weather the coming storm ok. It's pretty cool that our kids are only 2 days apart.
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Hi Heather - I live in Glenside. I have family up in North Wales!
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kofduke~I am VERY familar with Glenside. I went to Beaver College (now Arcadia) and we take our ds to the pediatrician in Abington. You are not far from me at all!!
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Hi Heather and welcome to the board!
My mom lives in Lafeyette Hill and my ILs live in Oreland. We (Dh and I) used to live in Glenside We have moved to the Pocono area, but there are tons of great people in MontCo! I miss them all so much. I am certain you will have no problems finding loads of great people to hang out with
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I'm new too. I don't live in Montgomery County but in the Chesnut Hill section of Philadelphia. Moved here 2 years ago and still don't know a lot of people

Tina - 31
Abigail Lee born on May 8, 2003
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Not to hi-jack the thread or anything, but....

Hi all,

I just found out I may be moving to the Philly area and we like the housing and housing prices that are available in Lansdale - what is it like as a community? Are there younger families? From the Lansdale website, it looks like a good community... what do you like about it, and what don't you like? Is it pretty walkable, or are there areas that are not as safe?

And is there a grocery store in the downtown area or close by?

We live in Baltimore now, so we're familiar with city neighborhoods and the pros and cons.

Thanks for any info. And if we end up moving, hopefully we can meet up.

I have a step-daughter now, and dh and I will probably start TTC around when we move - sometime in the spring, if it happens. Any good midwife recommendations?
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Oops - I was looking a the Philly paper real estate section this weekend and the place I'm thinking of is Lansdowne, not Lansdale. Oh well.
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i'm always amazed how many of us there are here!!

i live in collegeville, grew up in west norriton and went to beaver too! heather - when did you graduate? i graduated in 1990. we tried awhile back to get some moms together to meet. would any of you be interested in trying to get together for a playgroup?

i really should check this board more often!
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by the way

my ds was born 5/9/03!

which hospital did you use?
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I live in Spring City, tiny town that borders Royersford and Phoenixville. Anyone know where I am?
I go to KOP alot, my son is seen by CHOP Dr's.
Hello neighbors
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of course i know spring city! we aren't too far away!


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I live near Fort Washington. My dd is 2.5. I didn't go to school at Arcadia/Beaver, but I did go to West Chester :-)


Edited to correct spelling.
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Kristin (kofduke)! Too cool you live in Glenside! I had an apt there for a few years, I grew up in North Hills, my parents still live there. DH and I were just at the Blue Comet this weekend! Are you originally from there?


DD 6//2/01
DS 8/28/03
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Hi Heather~
Welcome! I live in the Lansdale area too - closer to North Wales. My dd is a few months younger than your ds.
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hey all,
we're in kop but are moving to phoenixville sometime late summer or fall.

i'm a part of a mom's group with hannahmom and mcmrymoon - and i'm sure they can back me up that it's a wonderful network we've got going!

very cool that there are so many other mamas in this area who parent naturally.

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Hi, all! I'm also in Spring City! Well, actually, East Vincent Township (silly Pennsylvania ways of dividing things up, but we use the Spring City post office, so close enough ) I grew up in Pennsburg, aka Upper Perkiomen Valley, and have always lived nearby. The furthest away I've ever lived was University of Delaware. I also worked for a while in Lansdale, so I'm very familiar with that community, and have friends in Ambler and pretty much all over MontCo.

mcmrymoon, I would definately be interested in a playgroup, if it gets together. This is certainly the season for it - did anybody else get to do some gardening yesterday??

I would also be interested in doing a fabric buying co-op. People discuss them on the sewing and crafts boards, but it's kind of tough to do them with people who aren't geographically close. I am currently interested in buying some organic cotton flannel for making diapers. Here's what I've found: http://mars.pics.net/cgi-bin/miva?~c...+H6310000+path The price is very good, but the extra discount for buying in bulk would be even better!
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