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Bargain hunting is like a high for me . I love coupons, thrift shops and have been known to pick through a big trash pile when someone moves out around here :LOL Hey if it's usable why let it go to the dumpster?? We live on a military base, so many times people just toss stuff because they don't want to move it around!

And everything I buy new has to be on sale, clearance or I have to have a coupon, I refuse to pay full price unless it is a have to have it right now and I have no choice. I buy stuff a season or two ahead on clearance so my kids get new clothes for the price of used! Then I take the stuff to the thrift shop when they outgrow it so I basically pay nothing for the stuff.

There is a resale shop here that always has a 0.25 bin, most of it is a bit pilly or may have stains but if you are only looking for playclothes or pajamas who cares? And some of it is just stuff that is at the end of the season that didn't sell and she needs to get rid of it. The other day for 0.75 I got 2 sleepers and a sundress (all carters and the dress is in perfect condition)for Eliza!! Yay for me since her legs are so darn long she outgrows jammies way too fast and I hate paying full price. And I take the stuff she outgrows right back there to sell! I do this with summer toys also. Like I bought the kids a new yard sprinkler for next year on clearance for $4 at the end of the summer.

The best yard sale find I ever got was for $4.00, it was a brand new little tykes airplane rocker, like a rocking horse but it's an airplane. Those things are like $30 brand new, it has survived through the first 2 kids and still in great shape for Eliza when she is old enough.

I also do xmas and bday shopping ahead of time whenever I find clearance stuff. Daria loves little people sets so when I see them on clearance I grab them and put them away for xmas or bday. I got the LP dollhouse for $12 new on clearance once! It is usually like 25 bucks.

And dollar stores are great for art supplies, cheap kids books and party favors!
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I am addicted to thrift stores, flea markets and second hand stores! I've been shopping in them since I was a teen. I love a bargain and adore finding and wearing stuff that is unique. My favorite is when I run across something that I'm positive was once mine

Books, media etc. recently had a thread on the tightwad gazette. I had completely forgotten about it... so I checked it out of the library. It's fun to read it and go "wow, what a clever idea", or oh yeah I've been doing that one for years.

I've been trying to get a dumpster diving group going here in Atlanta to no avail -- we've tried meetup.com and don't seem to have enough folks. I have no problem doing the residential stuff, but I want back up for the commercial sites. A friend and I have decided to hit a local University at the end of the school year. Of course apartment complexes are great, too.

I can't wait to check out that website thistle!

EnviroBecca, I'm with you --- love the gathering lifestyle!

Best deal in recent months: received $50 in AMEX gift checks - put $25 in savings and took the other $25 to Last Chance thrift store on 1/2 price day (wasn't really expecting much since I was going late in the day...). Purchased a pair of jordache jeans that make my a$$ look great, a white denim "couture" skirt, two sweaters, two 3/4 length sleeves shirts, and a brown belt for $24.85. I put the remaining $0.15 in ds' godzilla bank.
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I love bargain hunting, mainly for survival (count us in for being poor ). We have a chain of second hand stores here (Frenchy's) and mom and I, weather permitting, go there once a week. They mainly have clothes but they also have everything else you can imagine. I buy most of my fabric there for next to nothing, I pick up any diapering thing I can find (I got 20 Polar Babies doublers once and she charged me less than a dollar for all of them! One person I think takes pity on me for cloth diapering and sells me diapers and covers for next to nothing), I get tons of books for a quarter, I recently got a brand new safty first booster seat for $2.50 and a Little Tykes kitchen for less than $5. I don't find much at the Salvation Army, but I have gotten brand new Carosel AIO's for a quarter each and books for next to nothing.

We're also the type that family gives everything to. I have a gorgeous couch and chair set that I'm going to clean one of these days and sell. It was given to us but we don't need it. All of our furniture is either second hand or deep discount buys.

I dont' do much yardsailing as it's become so big here that people charge an arm and a leg for everything.

People wonder how we can live so cheap and it's all a matter of knowing how to make do with what you have!
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OOOH I love the thrift store (I stay far away from the kids resale store though...everything is too pricey) Today I was at the Rescue Mission Thrift Store and I got 3 pair of jeans that make my @$$ look really nice, and a pair of jeans for Brittani, all for less than $10 (this was especially thrilling since right before dh had used his $5o gc at mervyns and got 3 pair of jeans...I hate buying retail)

The dollar store...great for things like Zout (I use it to make my own laundry detergent) and cheap party favors and stocking stuffers. Ours even has taper candles (especially handy since we lose power so often) and the ingredients to make spray and wash.

I also LOVE used books and music stores, especially the ones that pay me for my stuff.

I have been known to go dumpster diving if I can see something on top...My mom found a Little Tykes kitchen once, and the only problem was that someone let their kid color all over it in crayon. We grabbed it, cleaned it, and my little sis had her own kitchen...the little dishes were a $1 store find.

My favorite is that mostly I try to use cloth instead of paper, diapers obviously, but also pads, hankies, working on the TP thing. We DON'T use paper plates and re use the plastic silverware.

I don't like to think I'm cheap, more like frugal.
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I got a Little Tykes shopping cart, sturdy as heck, with a place for Abigail's "baby" to sit, for $3.00. In excellent shape, just needs a good cleaning.
I got 2bags of nylon loops for the loom thingy for .50, which is cheaper than buying nylons and cutting them, especially since I don't ever own nylons.
I got a wooden and magnetic calendar for $5.00, I had one I paid $2.00 for that was missing pieces. These normally sell for $20.00, but I got 2 for $7.00. Between the 2, I can make 1 complete one, and have leftover pieces.
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Wow! This thread is inspiring. I need to check out 2nd hand stores more often!

Oh, and somewhat off topic, "Dumpster" is capitalized. I'm not pointing this out to correct anyone, I just think it's weird.
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I love bargain hunting!! Only thing is the stuff around here sucks! I have yet to find a decent resale shop... all the ones around here are way to expensive! One lady sells baby gap stuff more than what I get it for clearanced at the store and she doesn't pay good for her stuff. So irritating. When I lived in MI we constantly curbside shopped! I found a 3 month old couch!! I went to the house to make sure I could take it - the lady was throwing it out because she 'didn't like it'! crazy but good for me Whenever we go to cali to visit dh family we do our thrift store/goodwill/salvation army shopping. Around here I find better clearances at the stores though - I get ds's jammies at the carters outlet - the seconds for $2/ea. and do the off season shopping too. I refuse to buy things brand new! except underwear of course :LOL

I'm going to check out the college dumpsters next! how fun
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I just went to a $5 bag sale. I got 3 bags full of stuff, mostly wool sweaters to make into soakers. Can't beat that

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I love this thread! Hey, have you folks read any of the Simple Living books like "The Millionaire Next Door" or "Your Money or Your Life?" They really turned me around to simplify and de-clutter and eliminate debt. I've made almost $200 in the last weeks getting rid of unnecessary books and CDs on amazon.com. Dh and I are completely debt free except for our mortgage, which I'm working to pay off early.

If you're interesting in more of the Simple Living stuff, there are cool discussions at http://www.simpleliving.net/forums/default.asp

I've learned a ton from these people. It's so hard to live in consumerist America and see through the instant gratification to the simpler pleasures. At my job, my whole office shops for fun, as a hobby and they look at me strangely when I'm just not interested.
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How do you sell stuff on Amazon?
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It's ridiculously easy! Go to their main page, and look under "Sell Your Stuff" and you can read all about it. If you decide to list your items, make sure price-wise you end up in the first three listings. They post your stuff for 60 days, collect the $$ for you, and at the end of every two weeks, dump it into your account. You are responsible for sending out the items. I bought a book at Sal's for .49 and sold it for $35 last week! Bestsellers are literally a dime a dozen so it doesn't pay to sell them. Obscure books in print seem to do well for me. And textbooks! There's a thread on the Simply Living Discussion Forum under "Frugality and Tightwadding" that gives lots of tips for selling on amazon.com
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OMG, I'm not cheap, I'm normal! At least, I'm normal as long as I'm on this board.

I love the Salvation Army stores, my kids like to poke around too. Everything, and I do mean everything, in my house is used, recyclced, retrieved, or rescued. My couch also came from my brother-in-law, when he got one from a neighbor! I just brought home my parents old dining room table and chairs, heavy oak, great shape, but 25 yo. The chairs it replaced....well this is embarrassing, but ...two of them were resin patio chairs, three were old kitchen chairs that the backs had broken off of. If we had company, or if one of my older kids came home to visit, someone had to sit on a kitchen stool (set of two, circe 1950's, yard sale, $5.00 for both!) Every stick of furniture in my house, was someone else's first. And I don't care!

Umm, that driving around going through people's trash? Growing up we decided to call that 'blueberrying'. As in "Hey, Classy Cousin Kathy from Hollywood, want to go out with us? We're going blueberrying." And blueberrying in the dark was interesting enough that the poor girl got in tthe car. She was surprised, horrified and then went home and told us people in Hollywood throw out the best stuff! We did this is High school , so we didn't want anyone to know. My friends agreed to the code name and we had a blast finding cool stuff.

I didn't spend thousands on furniture and toys and clothes. Instead we went camping, took day trips, I can be a SAHM and we can afford my hubby's freqent boughts of unemployment. We're comfortable, have a great time and my two oldest kids have thanked us for raising them this way. They say all their friends are clueless and spoiled.

Now, for goodness sake, if you live in New England, check this out! It's my favorite way of getting food cheap. http://www.servenewengland.org Great food, great prices, and it's fun and supports a good cause. There's a chapter everywhere. If you don't live in New England, start your own chapter. It used to be international, but I don't know about now.
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So does anyone know if its illegal to dumpster "shop" behind say, like, Target? :LOL My dh came home yesterday w/ a beautiful chest type piece of furniature he got in Targets dumpster! It just needs the door glued and nailed back on.

I need to check out Amazon to sell stuff. Do they have any charges for selling there?
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Pixie- it is only illegal if there is a law in that town, posted signs, or they ask you to leave...Don't get caught, and you are fine :LOL I haven't been asked to leave yet. Most stores don't care, they just don't want you to make a mess, or get hurt and sue them.: Like some idiot should be allowed to sue them if they are jumping into a dumpster:
I LOVE to look into dumpsters! It quenches my urge to shop (for the most part) a good thrift store makes my blood rush:LOL
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bamboo- thanks for the tip. I will have to check it out
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So, I'm driving ds home Sunday night (took the scenic route to lull him to sleep so my boobs could have the night off ) and he's almost asleep, when... I spy it - just sitting their all alone in the dark. A slide. I'd been saying how I wanted one, but I wasn't going to pay retail -- heck I didn't want to pay anything (you know the feeling I'm talking about Mamas). The dilemma hits me -- freedom tonight, or a slide everyday. Slide won. I turn around in a cul-de-sac, pull over onto the shoulder of a fairly busy road and thrown on those hazards! DS giggled as I threw that slide into the front seat (trunks already full) and begins to chant: slide, slide, slide. I joined in.
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Originally posted by indie
Another excellent place to dumpster dive is colleges at the end of the school year--especially colleges where the students are well off and live on campus. I've found a ton of good stuff: furniture, books, clothes, laundry detergent, even food (my rule is only unused well sealed stuff like canned food, but if you were really hungry and willing to take the risk there's tons of food). In some areas of the country people think you're wacko if you do this but in other places (like Boston) you have a ton of competition. I know a janitor at a college that sold all of the stuff he found in the trash at the end of the year and had enough money to take his wife and son to Hawaii for a week and have spending money while there.
yup, we do that every year. here at KU dumpster diving is perfectly acceptable but don't let the cops catch ya'!:
i think the best find ever was one of my friends found an original 'white' album in mint condition. i just have to wonder who in the heck would throw that out???
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we would dive behind stores here too- if they didnt break everythign up before throwin it away......
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A lot of stores put locks on their Dumpsters. My uncle works at a trash sorting facility and gets tons of good stuff that Walmart and others throw out. People even throw out money.
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That's it! I need a job at a trash sorting facility!
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