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Resources for Our Multilingual LOs

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Hopefully this thread is not beyond the scope of this forum. I have been having a hard time to get French books, videos, toys and other media for DS whom I'm raising bilingual. I'm actively seeking new stores and venues and still trying to find educational electronic toys that speak French which will work in the US... in case they need to be plugged in, or video material that are formatted for US hardware.

For FRENCH I have found the following places:

http://www.thefrenchbookstore.com/ in Canada
http://www.petitelibrairie.com/ in the US
http://www.gallimardmontreal.com/ in Canada (the folks there are really a great help if you have questions)

What resources have you found to further your non-local language(s) with your LO(s)?
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If you are looking for electronic toys check out the V-Smile system. We picked ours up while on a family visit in the states and it plays games from both Norway and the US without any problems. A quick google shows me that there are french editions of many of the games as well.
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We've found some french language toys available on websites like Amazon and Toys-R-Us. DS1 has a little singing puppy that sings in French. I know LeapFrog makes a bunch of stuff.

We're trying to be a dual language Arabic-English family. We've found a lot of great stuff on Youtube... including Alam Simsim (Sesame Street).

For books, I love Noor Art (www.noorart.com) and even Amazon has some. We have "The Hungry Little Caterpillar" in a dual language English-Arabic version which is nice.

For videos, maqam.com carries some, but in general, I have better luck with youtube.

It's hard as Arabic usually doesn't show up on a lot of multilingual things even though it's something like the fourth most popular language in the world (in terms of native speakers). Also, there are many different Arabic dialects, so while you may find books, finding TV stuff for your dialect can be hard. We're lucky in that DH is Egyptian and it's prevalent in TV and movies.

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you can order from amazon.ca
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Greek resources:


http://www.greekmusic.com/ This one is not just music; it has flash cards and electronic toys and books; a little bit of everything!


Those are the three I order from most often.
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Best Turkish resource I've found is Tulumba.
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All cool links and ideas Keep 'em coming! Thanks for the French stuff, too.
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