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Eli Stone

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Does anyone watch Eli Stone? I am in love with this show and last night my heart was breaking for Eli at the end of the episode when he was so emotional. I think the purpose of the visions last night were to get Patti back to her church and back to believing. Anyone else?

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I love this show too. I have actually been watching it online while I'm at work. I haven't watched the most recent one, but I love the cast and the story line. Last week was great with Dr. Agon = dragon.
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I haven't watched last nights yet, it's sitting in my Tivo, but I really like the show.
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I knew I wasn't the only one!
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LOVE IT!!!! A friend of mine made me watch Lost one night (there was an hour I couldn't get back) so I made her watch Eli afterwards. She didn't get why I thought it was funny-until he had one of his episodes and she realized what he was doing and where he was doing it and she was hysterically laughing!

I love that Tom Cavanaugh plays his dad. Great cast overall.
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love this show
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This is a great feel good show. I tivo it too...as I usually fall asleep during it.
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Originally Posted by seren View Post
love this show

Love it also. It is such a fun a show while taking on serious subjects. And of course you can tell the creators and writers are real lefties so the husband and I just love that! They're taken on a number of hot issues, wouldn't be surprised to see one about circ. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking but I loved that he took on the vax case.
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I've started watching it, have it on tivo.
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I am hooked! Tina~
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I love this show! I agree that there was a different purpose to the earthquake. I really don't caer for Taylor, and love Maggie's interactions with Eli.
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I had NO idea that Johnny Lee Miller (Eli) was the same guy who played Sickboy in Trainspotting!! I thought he was soooooo cute!
And he still is! ::
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I love this show too.
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LOVED Eli poking George Michael in the beginning of this weeks show! And I'm loving Victor Garber as the boss, and singing "Don't let the sun go down on me"!!
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just wanted to bump this up. This is one of my new favorite shows, such a bright genuine dramedy. I hope it comes back next season. Although the ratings are hurting I think since they lost the new episodes of "Lost" leading in. Maybe Sunday night after Desperate Housewives will be a good spot for it.
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Anyone heard if it's been picked up for fall? I really like this show. Only 1 more episode.
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I had a dream last night about Eli where I was going around the city shouting "Live Brave" I woke up feeling very motivated. I'm not sure what for, but I was very motivated.
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I LOVE this show. I want him and maggie to get together, she is so good for him.
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I LOVE this show! It's so nice and refreshing compared to most nighttime shows. I will be so sad if they don't pick it up for the next season.
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There was a song on last night's episode (Doesn't ABC get the greatest music?) that went something like "She said 'I hate you 'cause you breathe'". Anyone know that song or where I can find out about it?
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