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Eating the placenta?

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I was having a conversation with my DP this morning and for some reason this subject came up.

I understand that it's often talked about here on MDC and that it's often said to reduce PPD and stem PPH. I admit I'm a bit skeptical, mostly because although I searched MDC and then googled it, I don't see anyone anywhere citing studies or even proposing a biochemical mechanism of action for either depression or PPH.

Does anyone have any sources? I'd love to check them out! Thanks!
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There's a thread I found on MDC and it has some links to studies, etc.
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I don't have a study, it is know substance used in Chinese medicine and they also use placenta in cosmetics.

Reasons to eat the placenta:

The placenta contains high levels of prostaglandin which stimulates involution (an inward curvature or penetration, or, a shrinking or return to a former size) of the uterus, in effect cleaning the uterus out. The placenta also contains small amounts of oxytocin which eases birth stress and causes the smooth muscles around the mammary cells to contract and eject milk.
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If you poke around on this site, you'll find lots of great info. :
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Thanks for the replies! I'll go check them out!
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