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Did anyone else get this weird e-mail?

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I just got an invitation to join a Yahoo group called "Girls Who Love Foreskins." Apparently, it's for discussing and looking at pictures of the intact penis. The moderator e-mail is someone I have never heard of.

It better not have been from any of you! Has anyone else been invited to join this group?

(Maybe it's a good thing they are doing, but I think I will pass on the opportunity!)
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I haven't received one, but I have heavy spam filters. That sucks!

Did it come through the MDC email system? if so I'd report the user to CM.
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I heard about the site last year and visited it to see what it was all about. It appeared to be legitimate and innocuous, just what it claims to be . . . . A site for women who prefer their men whole.

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I got an invite like that more than once and about a year apart... I never checked it out, and I don't know what the source of the mail is- how I was singled out... but it's not like they send one a day... although not exactly welcome, it's not computer generated spam- I think someone really was inviting you.

I'm still holding out for the invite to "Girls who love Chocolate"

Love Sarah
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I've received a few invitations also but haven't visited. I'm still working on my mortgage and diploma.
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I don't get any spam with my e-mail, since it's through the university. I have only gotten one spam-like thing in the past, and it was one of those special work opportunities for college students, so probably a student sent it to me.

The moderator's e-mail was listed, and it wasn't one I recognize, but MDC is the only place I can think of that I have talked about foreskins! And the weird thing is, I'm hardly ever on this forum. I just check in every once in a while!
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I'm pretty sure that it was sent by someone who knows your stance on circumcision. These Yahoo sites are owned by individuals and I don't think they send out spam. I suspect it was someone who is familiar with you and either sincerely thought you might like it or was just playing a little trick on you for fun.

I think the best advice would be to just grin and go along with the fun. You don't have to go there unless you want to.

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To check the security of your computer:


I know which sites I had visited just prior to receiving my invitations. Every where you go you leave information about yourself.
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I would like to pass on a warning. I didn't go to that site because sometimes these sites are deceptive.

The free offers that promise faster surfing, internet security and increased disk space among other things are often deceptive. They are often spyware programs that are downloaded to your computer that collects information about you and your internet activities including the sites you visit, your e-mail address and addresses of people you communicate with among other information.

I once downloaded one of these programs and immediately started having problems. It was supposed to speed up my internet surfing but actually slowed it down because it was transmitting information about me to a third party. The only way I was able to rid my computer of it was to reformat my hard drive and reinstall all of my programs. I also had to change my e-mail address because I started recieving lots of spam where I had been recieving none.

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Yes, I agree that these things can be quite deceptive. I received this site from a techie who seems to know his stuff. I checked my security, and since I have a good anti-virus program and a firewall, and am at a stealth setting. This is good.

For anyone who thinks that information about you and your internet activities including the sites you visit and any other information they want to collect is secure is simply fooling themselves. Every site you go to collects information about you.

Every time you are on the internet your ISP address is open.
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GRC.COM is Steve Gibson's website. He's a trustworthy guy - many years ago he made a program called Spinrite, for repairing disk data, and over the last few years, he's moved into Internet security.
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Thank you G-ZA for your input. I certainly think Steve Gibson is trustworthy but wouldn't want to take my chances with anyone else.

As for the unsolicited invites, I'm still holding out for:

"Womyn Who Love That Good Ol' Southern Charm"

pitter-pat . . . pitter-pat . . .
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Hey Laila!

Maybe we should just start that group ourselves! Count me IN!
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Maybe we can get Frank to pose for our upcoming calendar project!!
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