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Im in labour - Update - Page 6

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You're in my thoughts, too. I hope all is well, and we're all wishing for the best possible outcome.
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I just saw this (no internet access on the weekends...)

I'm going to be thinking of you all day... I hope all is well, and if LO has arrived by this time, that he/she is fighting as hard as you've fought... you're a wonderful mama, and this is gonna turn out for the best.

Hugs and hugs and hugs for you, mama...
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Hey ladies... Sorry I couldnt update you guys yesterday. I said I was going to have my sister update you but I couldnt even talk to her yesterday. Some people tried calling but I could not even lift up the phone to hold it. I did try answering it once (I guess when my birth buddy called) but it just fell back down. I couldnt even turn myself over in the bed and I was having some nausea and vomitting

I was having contractions on Saturday night and they upped the mag Sunday morning and I went downhill from there. I couldnt move or anything. Mag SUCKS!! They have stopped it now though and Im feeling a lot better but now they are watching for infection. My temp has been up and down but not high and WBC has been up and down (currently down) so they are just keeping an eye on it. Because the baby is fine with no fluid they arent worried about that but if any problems start happening then they will take the baby. They are thinking of moving me from the room Im currently in into another room where I will stay until this baby is here. For now though, things are good.

Im only on antibiotics and fluid. My blood pressure dropped too much on the mag so they stopped it and they stopped giving me the procardia because my pressure is still low but its going back up some. It was 60's over 30's but now its back in the upper 80's over 50's... a little low for me but closer to normal.

Im not really having any contractions since the mag and procardia has been stopped so thats a good thing.
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oh, gosh i'm glad everything's okay but sorry that you've had to go through that! hugs mama! thank you so much for updating.
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so glad baby is still baking! i'm so sorry you had to be so sick though...but i know how mag is...
keep on baking!
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I know you feel bad, but glad baby is doing well. You're 26 weeks today, right? Every little day counts.
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The doctors are using a due date of 29th of June but that is not correct. So by them I am 26 weeks yesterday... By my dates (day of conception) Im due 3rd July and will be 26 weeks on Thursday.

I moved rooms. Im going to stay into this room until I deliver.
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Khourniey - I just came to MDC for the first time since Friday and found your post. You are going to be in my thoughts and prayers non-stop until I hear you are holding your healthy preemie.
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I am glad to hear the contractions stopped. I hope the baby can stay in there a bit longer.
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Glad to hear you and baby are still okay! Thank you for taking the effort to update us.
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I know you still feel bad, but I am glad to hear that the baby is still doing well and that you are doing well enough to update today. More prayers for you and the LO
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Khourtniey, You & your babe are so in our thoughts!

Your experience really sounds so miserable on the mag. It just seems like the nastiest stuff! I'm so sorry you had to go through that!

It sounds like really good news that your ctx have lightened up even off the mag & procardia. I hope your babe can stay in a lil longer, maybe make it to his/her official 26 week point.

Sending you love!
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I'm not a member of your DDC but I saw this and couldn't help but respond. I'm so glad to see a positive update. I will certainly be thinking of you and your LO!
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I'm so glad the baby can keep baking a bit longer. I'm sorry it's so miserable for you though. Still in my prayers.
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Oh i am so glad to hear that the contrax arn't escalating without the mag.
Hopefully babe will get more time to cook.

hang in there momma! I'mthinking of you, your family, and especially your new LO :
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Still thinking of you and the babe. I hope the baby keeps baking, and that you start to feel better since stopping the medicine.
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Just saw this thread! You and your baby and family are in my thoughts and prayers!!!!!!
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Bake, baby, bake!

Mag is nasty, I had to be on it during labor with dd1. EWWW! And it made me all itchy, whatever other junk they mix in with it. bleck!

I am glad to hear the ctx have stopped, and that you and babe are doing better.
I'm thinking of you!
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Thanks for the update. Glad to hear that you're both still hanging in there and that you have help for your other LO's. You'll be in my thoughts today.
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