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Im in labour - Update - Page 7

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You are in my thoughts. Hang in there, and let that baby stay put for a little while longer.
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Thinking of you!
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Hang in there Khourt. I'll be praying for this babe to be a "super-preemie" like K was
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Hooray for babies that are staying put! Glad to hear your little one is still tucked in there! Hopefully s/he will get as much time as s/he needs to make a strong entrance! Hang in there mama!
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Every hour and ever day makes a difference. Still thinking of you.
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So good to hear that you and your LO are hanging in there! Bake baby bake!!
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Take care

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and good luck.
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Keep on, keep on, keep on baking!

And, when the time is for the highest good, may your baby be a strong, breathing fighter! Wishing you as peaceful of a birth as possible.
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I posted on your other thread, but I just wanted to send you some more healthy birth thoughts! You are doing hard work for your little one, strong mama. Keep us posted!
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I'm sorry to hear about the early labor but glad to hear that baby is till baking!

and prayers mama!
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sending staying vibes your way! keep on baking!
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Any updates? I was thinking of you this morning and signed on special to check on you and the baby.
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Sending you & your family love & peace! Still sending vibes for good health, strength and a beautiful moment of labor that you can claim as your own.
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Thanks again everybody. There is nothing new to update. Im not leaking as much fluid so maybe my bag is sealing, or Im not making any more. Baby is fine though. And the bleeding has slowed down.
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Wow, Khourtniey, and it's not too much longer till you're really 26 weeks. Oh, I hope he/she (I've decided it's a she) will make that milestone for you.

Is there anything we can do for you? Do you want us to put on a dance routine to entertain you & keep your mind off being in the hospital? Or perhaps link you to funny pictures or naked men?

If you feel like you want to read about PROM from the UC forum, this thread is a good one. It's geared toward home care, but there might be info you can use in the hospital, too. If you're interested. No pressure to read it if you can't or you don't want to.
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i'm so happy to read that you're still hanging in there today khourtniey!! every day will help, i'm sure.

i've been checking in for updates throughout the day wondering how things are going. so glad baby is still good, and that you're feeling better off the mag. that stuff sounds awful!

hang in there!! wish there was more we could do. just know we're there in spirit with you.
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I signed on to check in on you, it's really good to hear you are still baking! Still thinking of you and sending good vibes your way!
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Jumping in from August DDC: You are in my prayers and thoughts honey. I know this can be hard and tiresome but if you can hold the baby in for a few more weeks, that would be great. Nonetheless, prayer is powerful and we're all here for you. Glad to know you're both doing ok. Stay strong and update us when you can.
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I'm so glad to read that you are still hanging in there!! I really hope that your bag is sealing! That wouls be fabulous! And YAY on the slowing bleeding! That's great news! Like has been said, I wish there was more we could do for you!! I'm sending lots of prayers and thoughts and vibes your way!

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: for baby baking, for bag sealing, and for time time time!

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