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Im in labour - Update - Page 8

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Just saw the message over on the bead-swap board.

We're praying for you and baby!

Keeping sticking in there baby!:
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Wow! I'm so glad the baby is still on the inside. I hope that the bag is sealing and the baby stays in for a long time!
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Good news! Thanks so much for updating us. Hang in there, mama.
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Way to go, mama... I'm so glad that sweet baby is still hanging tight. Every precious moment counts, as you well know. I'm thinking of you every day, keep us posted when you can!

: as long as possible
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glad to hear baby is still on the inside. Stay put little one
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Not in your due date club but just ran across this thread and wanted to wish you good stay-pregnant-for-now vibes. :
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Spark, I did check out that thread before cos I had SPROM with my second but never really figured Id need it again. Thanks for posting it though. Ill see what I can use

My waters have not sealed back yet. I am still leaking and it has gotten worse as the day progressed but its still not to bad. Baby is doing fine.

They took me off of the IV fluids but I still have the hep lock. Ive had a few contractions today but they arent regular at all.. Just random like BH type ones.
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Have you read this thread:


It's entitled "I think I've sprung a leak" by salt phoenix in the Birth and Beyond forum.

I'm not sure how close your situation is to hers, but she gave a lot of details in her posts of what she was doing to replenish her fluids while she leaked, how she handled hospital challenges, etc.

It's very enlightening and encouraging. I hope this helps!
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Thanks for that link Beth. Ill read it next
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Thinking of you. Don't know what hospital you're at, but they let me stay pregnant for 10 weeks at big Baptist in Little Rock. Dr. Chatelain was my peri.

Please let me know if there is anything you need. I'm off on spring break this week.

Glad baby is staying put for now.
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Dr C is my doctor also McFarland if you are familiar with him. He (Chattelain) delivered my last... And yep... Im at Baptist
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Sorry your still leaking! Still praying for you and your sweet babe!
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still thinking of you
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i'm glad that the baby is still within, and i hope/pray that things continue to go well for you both!

thanks for updating!
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Lots of PT for you and your little one!
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Originally Posted by Khourtniey View Post
Thanks again everybody. There is nothing new to update. Im not leaking as much fluid so maybe my bag is sealing, or Im not making any more. Baby is fine though. And the bleeding has slowed down.
Khourtniey - What good news! Thanks for keeping us updated!
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Just checking in on you. So glad baby is staying put for now. Smart little thing already, huh!!!
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How's it going? 26 weeks today! Are you stuck in the hospital from here on out?
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Just wanting to check in on you an see how you're hanging in there. Is there anything we can do for you? Need magazines or anything?
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Im stuck in here until the baby is born.. And yes.. 26 weeks today!!!!! Im waiting on an ultrasound to see how the baby is doing. My WBC was a bit elevated last night. I have blood draws everyday so we will see what todays shows.

Im feeling ok. My back has been killing me but its hard to get comfortable when Im limited to positions.

The hospital has this library system thing on a cart and they brought it into my room for me. It has a ton of movies on it and books and magazines and stuff.

Ill update you guys after the scan today. It might not be until later this afternoon though.
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