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Im in labour - Update - Page 5

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Just wanted to send more 's and say that you and your family are still in my thoughts. It sounds like you are in as good of spirits as you can be and I think that is a good thing. I hope you got some rest thru the night.
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Good, easy labor vibes for you. And fighter, breather vibes for baby!
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Mom, I am praying for you and you little one. I am sending you all the vibes to have this as easy on both of you as possible.
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Just checking in again this afternoon and letting you know we're all here in support of you!

You and Jen both are very much in our hearts and on our minds today!
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Just seeing this thread! Sending lots of good thoughts your way! I hope everything is going ok
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Keeping you in our prayers!
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We'll be thinking of you! I hope you and your little one are doing okay!
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just checking...hoping no news is good news!
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Oh, I am just seeing your thread and it takes away my breath. I'm so sorry things went this direction this time. At least it is sounding promising, and we'll all be watching for your updates. Hoping for the very best for you and your baby, Khourt.
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Wishing you and your babe a successful delivery. Hang in there!
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Thinking of you and your babe
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and prayers for you today.
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So sorry this happened but wishing you the very best possible outcome mama!
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Not in your DDC but thinking of you!
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Hope you and baby are still doing well!
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I've been saying prayers for you. I hope everything is ok.
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Hopefully no news is good news. Today is, of course, typically a day of miracles... hopefully you have a few today.
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I've been thinking of you ever since I saw your other thread. Hope you and the baby are doing all right and you are being well taken care of.
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Just want to let you know I've been thinking about you all day. I wish there was something else we could do for you from out here in cyber space. Please let us know if there is anything you need!
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Sending you & your family lots of love. May you feel comforted & loved.

You are so in my thoughts. Much much love!
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