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scouting or scouting-like experiences for 5yoDD

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i would love hear all about people's various scouting related experiences with girls in the K to 2nd or 3rd grade level. we are secular hsing and are not a Christian family and i would like to weigh the various options for next fall. Daisy/Brownie Girl Scouts, Earth Scouts, Spiral Scouts, Campfire programs, Roots and Shoots, 4-H, something else I haven't heard of yet, etc. You name it, tell me all about your experience with it. I would esp. love to hear from parents who became group leaders/facilitators as that is prob the direction I will be headed in no matter which type of scouting program we end up exploring. Things like how difficult it was to get started and find enough folks for a group, how supportive/helpful the national organization or if there was one, the regional organization was for you, and whatever else you'd like to share.

Thanks in advance! :
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IMHO it really depends on the people in your area that are involved in the organizations.
We've had awonderful experience with Grilscouts. Its an all homeschool troop, about 1/2 Christian 1/2 other (many of us use the lable pagan, but not all do). It's a very active group that has practically evolved into a homeschool group.
Today the Jr & Cadette held a Brownie Ttry-it workshop to earn money for their trip to Savanah. They planned it out and ran it mostly on their own. We (the moms) acted as advisors when needed. Our service unit and council I have dealt with, but nothing really on the national level. I think we have great support on the local level.
The director for the SU daycamp was at the workshop today. The conversation rolled around to daycamp and one of the moms mentioned they couldn't afford it this year. The director walked the mom through the steps to get financial aid from the council.
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Hi all

the scout group we like is adventure scouts usa and they what we were looking for. its for both boys and girls all ages and they don't discriminate. The things I liked most were they run indepth background checks on the adults and that they make everything easy. When we called to join they were really interested in making sure my whole family can be involved. The web site we used to contact them was www.adventurescouts.org

Has anyone had a different experience with them?
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oh ha ha, forgot the thing that attracted us to adventure scouts usa inititally was they also appreciated homeschooling kids because the kids get to choose what they do
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Hi there. I just posted in the Earth Scouts thread, but I'll put it here too.
You might want to check out SpiralScouts (www.spiralscouts.org) - We have been doing it for three years (I'm a leader) and my son loves it! One of the things I particularly value about it is that it is co-gender, so we are scouting with boys and girls, and it is really nice to have both energies at our meetings/events/outings.
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Just thought I'd throw this idea to you. I had dh and dd #1 sign up for Y-Indians two years ago. I was thinking of doing GS at the time but then I thought it would be really nice for him and dd to doing something special. I'm so glad I talked him into it- did I really need to sign up for one more thing that would be a commitment for me?(brownies/girls scouts)
They are having a blast. I only have to help out when there is a meeting at our place, which is once a year-they follow the school calendar. Dh has made daddy friends, the tribe goes on three campouts a year and they have a monthly event. Now, dh is doing a group for younger ones with dd#2 and is assistant chief for dd#1's tribe.
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I'll put in a plug for spiral scouts, I just signed up but so far I really like it. My 3yr old and 6yr old are in the same group.
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