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Another one didn't make it until April...(c/s, religion ment)

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Our third blessing and true miracle Kalum David was born 3/19 after an emergency c/s. I had labored for almost an hour and started having decels (which my doula was right there and noticed/started treatment immediately- she was amazing!!) God was looking down on our angel as the backup OB for my MW happened to be in L&D that moment came into the room to examine me and found the cord prolapsed. I saw the look in his eyes being a nurse and knew it was bad. An obstrical code was called and suddenly the room was full of a million faces and I knew a c/s was the only way my baby was going to make it as I was only 4 cm at the time. My doula stayed at my head and kept telling me to listen to the FHT reassuring me that they were good and that he was hanging in there. Then it was a mad dash to the OR within minutes always with someone's hand up my vagina to keep the head and cord where they needed to be. I woke up in recovery and there my doula was again with a picture of my baby on my cell phone reassuring me that he was beautiful and healthy. His apgars had been strong and his Dad was standing watch over him. It turns out the little guy also had the cord wrapped around his neck 2x and had a knot in it. In hindsight I had been terrified to go to my due date this time for no specific reason (never had a stillbirth or 3rd tri problems) and then I had 3 episodes of preterm labor the week before he was born. I think it was his way of warning me that he needed to come out real soon and my subconscious agreeing. The OB told me that had my water broken at home the chance of baby making it would have been slim.

We are home from the hospital and he is doing great. The remainder of my experience there was wonderful with some of the most compassionate nurses I have ever met. He is nursing constantly and I can't get enough of him

Stats 6 lbs 9 oz EDD was 4/3
19.5 " long

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Woo Hoo! Healthy baby is the real goal, right? Definitely someone watching over your family!

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Enjoy that new bebe!
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Congrats!! I'm so glad you had a good experience despite the circumstances
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Congratulations! It sounds like you were all in the right place at the right time... serendipity and thankfulness, indeed.

Enjoy your healthy baby
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Thank God :mama! I am so happy to hear that your little one has joined you face to face, and that all is well. Congratulations!

It may hit you later that you had to have a c-s so if you need to grieve your desired labor let yourself, but it sounds like you are relieved for the health and knowledge of the medical staff...and at peace. i pray that is so.

So happy for you! :
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I am so glad everything worked out the way it did. Congratulations on your new little angel
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Woo Hoo congrats how exiting
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wow - how blessed you both are! welcome to kalum.
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Mama, I'm so truly touched by your story. God really had you in His hand, making sure that you and your son were never in any *real* danger.

Blessings and enjoy your babymoon

love!!! the name!!!!
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Congrats on your little man mama! You certainly were in good hands
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Cord prolapse is one of the scarier things that can happen! It's so fortunate you were with skilled care providers who knew exactly what to do to prevent it from being a disaster.

Glad you're all ok... take care of yourself, you're recovering from major surgery, remember!
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Congratualtions and God Bless!
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Congratulations!! I'm so glad that you had the care you needed to get him into the world safely. Love that baby up!!
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So glad he's okay!!! Congratulations!
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Welcome Kallum! congratulations to all your family!
TreeHuggerMama: how wonderful you were at the hospital!! I can't believe that story and such a truely beautiful ending...and great doula! WOW.
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What a dramatic entrance to the world! I'm glad that you both turned out ok.

Take care of yourself!

And welcome, little man.
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Congratulations, I'm so glad everything turned out for the best and you're enjoying your healthy little boy. Welcome Kalum!
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Congratulations on your baby boy!
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