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Lightheaded after eating

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For the past four or five days, I've been feeling very light headed and a bit dizzy after eating. I eat small frequent meals. I try to drink lots, but I am not as good as I should be. It's a bit concerning because a headache often comes with it along with great fatigue.

My best guess is anemia. I'm going to call my midwife tomorrow. Just curious to know if anyone else has had this and what it was.
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How long after you eat? What are you eating?

If it's 45min-1hr after eating and you're consuming a high-carb meal, I'd be concerned about blood sugar/insulin issues.

I am insulin resistant have to keep my carb levels low in order to control my blood sugar and insulin levels. If I eat a meal high in carbs, I get a very lightheaded and dizzy. . almost like I'm getting drunk. Another sign is excessive sleepiness, which may or may not be accompanied with the dizziness.

It wouldn't hurt to pick up a cheap blood glucose meter and take a few readings after meals to see what's going on with that.
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I'm thinking along crazydiamond's lines. For me it's a blood sugar thing. I have recently noticed that I will get very spacy, dizzy, and sleepy if I don't make SURE there is protein with every meal I eat. The worst is if it's only sweet or carbs, even just fruit. I have to get some protein in there, or I get that "drunk" (as crazydiamond posted) or extremely spaced out feeling.
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me too! The light-headedness just started last week and I'm 39 weeks today. I have been thinking blood sugar related, though my meals usually have a good dose of protein in them. I haven't been low on iron yet, but my understanding is baby starts stockpiling iron at the end for himself and sucking it even more from mom. I see my midwife today so we'll see if she thinks it is anything else!
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I get that sensation anytime my blood sugar goes over 130 along with a weird almost headachy feeling in the center of my forehead. Bleh!
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