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Non-toxic mattresses??

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Where do you find them? Is there a cheap alternative (low tox? i guess)... My double futon is getting too small for me and my girls. When I first got it, way before I had kids, it sure had that chemical smell... I was thinking of trying a large queen size foamy, or getting another futon...

ideas? rec's?
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moved to natural home!
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I don't know how cheap you need but we needed a new mattress and couldn't afford any of the no toxin options. We ended up getting a couple of latex bed toppers. We got two three inch ones from http://www.absolutecomfortonsale.com/latexfoam.htm and we both think it is much better than our old mattress. I don't know what thickness you'd need or how cheap but it's a no toxin option at least.
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that's interesting... I've never heard of the latex thing... So you just put two together to make your new bed? How was the shipping? And does it sit on a bed frame?

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Well, I think they have free shipping. I also asked for a discount for ordering two and they gave it but I don't remember how much. Actually, we put it on our old boxsprings. But I got the idea from someone on mothering who put it on her slat bed I think. On the floor they felt fine. I'm not sure how they would feel over something rough; I think ok but I'm not sure. The place I ordered from had a money back if you're not happy deal. Problem of course there would be you're out shipping.
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thanks for the replies. I appreciate it.

anyone else found a great cheap option? I live in canada too, so hopefully the shipping wouldn't be too exorbitant.
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I needed two twin mattresses for my kids' bunk beds and I tried to find something nontoxic that I could afford, but I couldn't. I considered getting cotton futons, but didn't want to put them on the bunks. I ended up buying used mattresses because I figured at least they had already done some outgassing and then I encased them in zipon allergy barriers since I figured they would have dust mite build up.
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