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Help Maggots In Carpet

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Please help. This morning I discover maggots on the carpet in my dinning area. They are literally coming out of the carpet. I have already vacuumed three times today, and within a few minutes of vacuuming there are more coming out of the carpet. I think the problem started two weeks ago. We left for vacation and although we threw out all the old food in out fridge we accidentally left half a banana on the kitchen counter. We came home after a week to find the banana oozing and covered with maggots.

So know that the maggots are in my carpet what do I do?

Please note that I have a 2 & 3 year old so there are always crumbs on the floor, even with diligent cleaning. Also since the weather has been so nice we have had all of our windows and sliding glass door open. sliding glass door is directly in the dinning area, and leads to our patio and grassy area.

Please help ASAP. Also we are renting our townhouse so I don't know what types of options I have as far as riping up the carpet. Although I would normally prefer safe cleansers, right now I don't care. I am willing to try almost anything.
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I have no idea.....can you rent a rug cleaner and go at it with that? I would have to think that the hot water and chemical cleaner would kill everything? I would probably call someone like Stanley Steamer....no, I would flip out and call the Orkin man! But a more rational person would try cleaning first Good luck!
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Well, you have two issues, killing the maggots and removing the food source.

They should die pretty easily. I suggest getting a steam cleaner like the ones sold at Target, etc. It's good for all sorts of healthy home cleaning and it's perfect for this task.
Alternatively, I would get some rubbing alcohol, do a color-fastness test and spray alcohol all over the area. So much that you probably have to leave for a while. It will evaporate though, with time.

More over, the problem is the food source. Flies will continue to be attracted to the area of food. You'll need to clean that out very thoroughly. Any commercial carpet cleaner should work. That will also kill any bugs, so if you can, do that now and you won't need the above steps at all. Those are just emergency steps for the next few days.
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Aaaaaaaaaaa!!! Maggots in your carpet????

Perpetual maggots in your carpet?

Like, is this something from the Exorcist?

Sorry, I suppose that's not helpful.

I also suggest steam cleaning. If it won't kill the carpet (I do not know), you might also consider pouring boiling water over the affected area, as it'll be a sight hotter than the steam cleaner water, most likely.

If it were me, I'd probably consider cutting a huge hole in the carpet and throwing the whole mess away. But I'd not suggest this.
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Moving this to healthy home!
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ICKY!!!!! I personally would consider ripping up the carpet and tossing it also if I could afford it. Since that's not an option here's what I would do:
Get rid of the kids for the day. Ask mom to watch them or a neighbor or whatever.

clean out all food sources.

Go buy a steam cleaner at Target(hey, with potty learning and kids spilling juice, you will probably get a lot of us out of it anyway).

Douse your carpet in some heavy-duty chemical-loaded commercial cleaner to kill the maggots and eggs in it.

Follow with a few rounds of the steam cleaner.

Wash all furniture and surfaces in the house.

Open all windows that have screens so that flies can't get in but the fumes from the cleaners can get out.

Wash all children's clothing and linens.


Best of luck. SOrry this happened to you.
Meg (who does NOT advocate chemical, commercial cleaners but made an exception with this one!!!)
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My thinking is similar to Marlena's. Could you bring in a priest?
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Thanks to everyone who responded. Today I have killded four which is much better than two days ago. I have been trying to limit all eating to dinning room so hopefully it won't spread. And I have been trying to vacuum after every meal.

I already have a steam cleaner(bought it last year when my son was potty learning....amazing after a week of him being naked I got a toilet trained child and clean carpets!)
I had not thought about that b/c my dh only uses oxiclean with it. I will go to Lowe's hardware tonight and see what REAL cleaners I can find. I am very intrigued by the rubbing alchol.

Kind of funny I am always telling my friends that I think our house is clean enough as long as we aren't getting sick...maybe I guess I will have to start vacuuming more than once a week
And make sure we don't go on vacation and leave half of a banana on the counter

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