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Evening Primrose Oil?

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I know that EPO is often recommended late in pregnancy to soften the cervix.

I have also heard it is helpful for regulating mood swings. What about taking it during pregnancy for this reason, like as early as 22 weeks? Would there be a concern that it might soften the cervix prematurely?
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Any of the midwives I have worked with or talked to have always had clients use it in the end of pregnancy like last 3-4 weeks. Good question. I have not heard of anyone using it earlier. Since it does have an effect on the cervix I myself would not take it to early.
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While EPO probably wouldn't do anything that early, it could, so I'd stay away from it. Getting other Omega 3 oils may help, like taking flax seed oil, etc.
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also a B-vitamin supplement might be of help at that time in the pg'cy.
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