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Originally Posted by dewi View Post
I'm a trained LC (I don't practice).

I highly recommend that you use a regular pillow if you need a pillow,
then practice the ancient method of holding and supporting your baby with your arm.
Thank You!! I was wondering when someone was going to say this...We are supposed to HOLD our babies, not have them propped...
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this thread is pretty old, but my carpal tunnel didn't go away until about 6 weeks pp and I COULDN"T hold my baby Seriously. My arm was so tingly and numb, I definitely couldn't do a 45 minute nursing session.

That said, I gave up the boppy pretty quick after that. It became more cumbersumb than necessary.

And I didn't master side lying until about six weeks either. The boppy (or some sort of "prop") was practically necessary for my tingly and numb arms and wrists.

Somehow I had it in my head that symptom would disappear immediately at delivery. DANG!
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the boppy is great for moms with sore bottoms,easing pressure to the perineum without cutting off circulation like. the old hemorrhoid pillows.I was a F cup when i had my dd and needed 3 hands in the beginning to nurse,for those moms i like the my breast friend.
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