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I wrote a book for baby..now what?

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Is there any way to get it published for ummm like no money?
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You could print it zine-style on a scanner/printer and distribute copies independently. Not sure if you can advertise here or not, but you could sell it for what you deem a fair price to moms you know IRL or online who are interested.
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I'm not sure if you're trying to make it a "regular" book or a board book, but there's a thread on here with a website that sells blank board books for less than $2 apiece.

Depending on what the book's about, I might want to buy a copy. I've been looking around for children/baby books about breastfeeding and babywearing. I saw the ones on Amazon, but I'd also like some more personalized books, too, like Saturday with Mez, where it centers around the child instead of around the act of breastfeeding/babywearing.
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If you're just wanting one copy for yourself, you can make a photobook on shutterfly & then wait for a sale...every once in a while you can get one for free.
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There is a publisher that does it for free, Publish America. I was going to use them and I probably still will for my first book They get paid when people buy, and you can buy your own copies and sell them as well. Otherwise though you only get a few actual copies and the rest are sold online. If nothing else, it's a great company to try at least once!
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Lulu is an American publish-it-yourself company. DH used it to publish a book he wrote. They don't charge you anything for publishing per se, but they take a percentage of the profits--basically, they say 'OK, it'll cost us $12 per copy, you can charge whatever you want', and you can charge $20 or $50 or whatever you please, as long as they get their $12. They print the books off one at a time, so you don't have to get rid of a whole 'run'.

The catch is you have to send them your book as a PDF, and however it looks on the PDF is EXACTLY how it will end up--they don't go through and fix your margins or spelling errors or change the typescript if it's too small, or anything. DH designed his own cover for his book, but if you're not artistically inclined you might need to get someone else to do it. Anyway, DH is very impressed with Lulu, particularly because he gets to keep all intellectual property rights, which enables him to put his book online for free. 'Real' publishers won't let you do that!
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I am confused. You said "published," which is different than "printed." If you just want a copy, there are plenty of ways to do that-- seems as if many of the ladies here have advice on that one.

If you want actual find at the bookstore published, that is a process that shouldn't cost you any money. You get an agent (legitimate agents do not charge ANY SORT OF FEES (reading, etc)-- beyond the 15% cut they take from selling it). Or you can try submitting straight to the publishing houses themselves...
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