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Pen pal mommas (snail mail)

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I thought I would start a thread that would get moms that are like minded together and write each other through snail mail as well as on here. We would snail mail and then post on here that we got the letter. It would be like chain mail only I would write about something then send it on and the letter that i write as well as the letter you wrote would be sent onto the next lady. If this sounds dumb that is fine. I just know I like to get real letters sometimes. Hope someone would like to do this.
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I'm totally interested, but I'm already doing a journal swap...have you checked out the swap forum here at the Trading Post? There's also a cooperative zine-making swap that I'm participating in. I think the swap forum is a better place to advertise your idea.
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thanks will have to do that thanks
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I was part of the first journal swap. It was fun, but there were some glitches and quite a few people ended up not getting journals regularly or not getting their original journals back in the end.

But I love the idea of a pen pal. I love writing and receiving old-fashioned letters. I would recommend just pairing two people up, maybe for a few months, rather then trying to coordinate a whole group of pen pals. The facilitator of our journal swap did a fabulous job, but it was a lot for one person to handle and when something went wrong I know she felt bad about it.
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It says I don't have access to the swap forum. Why is that?
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Hm. Maybe I should be paired with someone who doesn't understand why the idea of a pen pal should be in the swap section or a journaling section A Penpal section, that's where it's at!

I'd love to start pen paling a mama. Sign me up please. Let's see. Once a week minimum? Once every two? See how it goes?
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sounds good to me one every two weeks it is that way it gives people time to send it off and nt feel like they have to write one day and send it the next. I mean we all have kids. If you want to sign up just pm me with your addresses and i will start setting up pen pals. thanks
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Cool - thanks for matching people up! I will PM you my address. Should we submit any other information other than address? I'm guessing we should probably keep it simple?

Also, should we cross-post in any other forum? Should we maybe start a Pen Pal tribe?
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I'm interested, but I have 3 questions.

Are we going to have specific questions to answer in the letters? How exactly do you envision the "chain mail" aspect of the idea working? And, who gets the last incarnation of the letter or is it going to be neverending (hypothetically)?

This reminds me of the notebooks we kept in junior high. We wrote to each other, folding down the pages we'd written on and handing the notebook to the next person in the group whose turn it was to write. It was fun!
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OK, I was wrong about the swap forum, no takers there. I'll pm you my address.

I've never done a round-robin letter before, this will be fun!
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I don't understand how it works, but it sounds fun. I should write more letters since all my friends live overseas. Maybe pen-palling would inspire me...
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I'm in too. PMing you.
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Hey Krystal - Just wondering if we've started yet? I just want to check if there's something I should be doing?
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well it is my fault. I wrote the letter last tuesday and didnt have an envelope got an envelope that wednesday but had no stamps ugh!!!! Anyway i sent it out yesterday. sorry about that. I will do better next time. i am going to buy a box of envelopes and stamps.
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I'm in! I would love to receive letters in the mail again.

I'll PM you my address.
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I got the letter today! Will write one tonight or tomorrow and send it out on Monday.
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Originally Posted by veggiemomma View Post
I got the letter today! Will write one tonight or tomorrow and send it out on Monday.
glad it got to you ok. thanks for telling me. Did it make sense? hehe like i said it was my first time starting out this type of letter.
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just wanted to know where the letters are now just wondering that is all thanks?
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