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to fortify... or not to fortify... what would you do? - Page 2

Poll Results: What would you feed a tube fed child after a year?

  • 60% (20)
    Breast milk! 100% It's still enough for a 1 year old to grow on.
  • 21% (7)
    Breast milk fortified with formula, after all, breast milk isn't enough after a year.
  • 18% (6)
    Breast milk/blender diet, who cares if she get's a bad taste for something, she's TUBE FED!
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coloradanmom, does your LO have HLHS? With the multiple heart surgeries, sounds like it. That's what my dd2 has along with wolff parkinsons white syndrome.

Electra375, yeah, we've tried the probiotics (which she's still on just for good measures) and the digestive enzymes with no luck. Thanks for the suggestion though!

thepeach80, she had a scope and biopsies taken a while back that came back normal, but if it is something like EE, I think it may have been done too early for a diagnosis. We actually have a second one scheduled for next week, so we are really hoping for some answers. The GI doctor says allergy testing wouldn't give us any answers because if it is a food allergy, it's a non IgE one, so the test wouldn't be accurate.

SKSsmommy, Thanks for all the great info on J tubes and such. I don't know much about them except that's our last resort that we are now up to.

moondiapers, I know what you are talking about, but I don't think it's thickness sort of issues. We've thickened the milk before with rice milk and cornstarch and formula when she was a month old and it didn't do anything but give her a bad diaper rash.
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I fortified DDs EBM with preemie formula (neosure), to help her gain weight. At one point I was adding enough to bring it up to 28 cal/oz, and then as she was able to take more in at a feeding we gradually phased it out until she was getting boobie juice, straight up. I was still trying to breastfeed directly, but she preferred her tube and later the bottle, so I ended up being another exclusive pumper. I don't think the fortification had anything to do with that, though.

I resisted the idea of fortifying my milk at first, too, but it was such a struggle to get her to take milk in and keep it there, I figured why not give her a little extra boost in every ml she digests. She started packing on the ounces after that, so I believe it was the right decision. As a PP said, if I could only get 10 ounces of milk into her on a given day, those extra 50-75 calories from fortifying mattered. It's not that my milk wasn't "enough" - it was. I just slipped in a little something extra while she needed the boost. I still consider her breastfed.
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Originally Posted by miche28 View Post

I'm sorry if this feels as though it's intended as an attack on your choices, but it's not - it's an accurate statement in these circumstances.
I would appreciate you changing this line. I did not choose to save my daughter's life. We are not given the choice to do so, we are entrusted with that duty. I saved her life, and am quite happy about it. There is no choice between the slow, purposeful causing of your child to fail to thrive and later die and feeding them the food that allows them to thrive and grow. A choice implies I could have done either, and I can promise you the state would have taken my child long before I was allowed to nurse her to death over ideals and principles.
Rhetoric about inferiority and choice will continue to drive a spike in the middle of lactivism that will forever make it weak. Its only inferior in SOME cases, so blanket statements are inappropriate and flat out WRONG! It just continues to ruin our image as a whole when people bash formula use in blanket statements without regards to the fact that formula has a very definite time and place where it is not only appropriate, but necessary AND sometimes SUPERIOR. Yep, I said it. Elecare is superior to my breastmilk for my kid. ANd always will be. My BM and my insistence on nursing her probably actually caused some harm, hopefully transient. So please remember that language whose purpose is judgement is not helpful in furthering a cause to which you wish to attract others...After all, we win more flies with honey. I pray no one else has a child that needs a medically necessary formula because I fear too many moms around here are guilted into doing not what is best, but what is crunchiest.

So next time it seems appropriate to judge formula in blanket statements, remember me. Remember the 3 years of breastfeeding, the fact that I am a BFAR mom who lived on a TED for months - Remember that I have a wealth of information to share in the BFing community regardless of how my daughter is currently fed. Remember that formula isn't always a choice, it is sometimes a necessity and at those times it is absolutely not inferior, and how many moms who have important experiences and knowledge will be driven away from the cause by language such as this.
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