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Screamed for an HOUR!!

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Jonathan screamed for an hour last night (11:45pm to about 12:45pm). No reason - I checked and changed his diaper a couple times in there, offered the boob a couple times and was refused. He finally decided it was okay to eat and then was awake until 3am. I'm hoping he sleeps well tonight because I can't do that again!

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egads. sorry to hear that. it must have ripped your heart out. i hope you both sleep well tonight. hopefully it was just some gas. hugs
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I'm so sorry.

My 2nd baby went through a period lasting a month or two where he would be awake, usually crying, sometimes screaming, from about 10pm to 1am or even 3am. I think we finally decided it was gas.... but it was absolutely the most exhausting and emotionally trying thing we've ever been through, probably .

If the crying like that starts repeating for you, and you suspect in might be gas, I'd really make sure you're familiar with infant massage techniques, etc. to help relieve gas, and maybe look into getting some gripe water, as well. And if it's just a matter of nights and days confused a bit, I hope you can figure it out quickly.... because I didn't, back then, but sure wish I would have been able to!!
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Sorry he had a rough time and I hope that is the end of it for you. DD2 had one evening where she cried for 3 hours (in week 6). It was difficult, even though I'd already experienced a colicky baby (DD1).

Natalia cried this morning for 3 hours and she's not even 3 weeks old yet.
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Have you read The Happiest Baby on the Block yet? It has some really great tips for understanding why babies cry and how to settle them. I highly recommend it!
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I'll second that recommendation for the "The Happiest Baby on the Block", it was really good and most useful. I've bought several copies, as I give one to my friends expecting their first babies.
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gripe water?

I have a colicky baby. I went and bought some gripe water at Target, and it seems to work for a little bit.
It sometimes is something you just have to get through
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Not in your DDC but eliminating dairy and swaddling after reading The Happiest Baby on the Block cured my DD - she would scream for 3-4 hours EVERY night.
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sorry girl...our fussy time is 4-7pm...during dinner and family time...swaddling helps my ds
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I'm sorry. Dr Sears says what's important is that he sees that you're trying all these things to soothe him - that will make him feel secure and loved even if there is nothing you can do to console him. He says baby is making "schemas" or something about how his mama reacts to him. Hang in there.
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Dd2 had times like that, it was really hard. This little one is pretty easy to comfort so far, so my fingers are crossed! Was he going through a growth spurt by any chance?
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sorry mama, i know that is so hard. with my ds he had gas related to what i was eating. mostly dairy was the culprit but also green veggies and beans. i lived on chicken and rice for a while.

he had it bad, my naturopath even gave me some carboveg tablets for him.

hope you get it figured out soon.
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Last night was better. I only had milk on my cereal yesterday and I didn't have any milk (had dairy, but no straight milk) today. We'll see what happens tonight. He slept from 2am to about 9am so that was a great stretch for me.

Gripe Water works okay. He hates being swaddled (DD loved it).

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With my first 2 daughters, I had to cut out dairy while I was nursing. I'm finding that Natalia is also sensitive, I had feta last night on my salad and we'll see how she is today. I think it's just cow products that my others were sensitive to...
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