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Nursing with huge boobs

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I would like to nurse my 2 mo DD in my Ergo and/or Moby. My boobs are huge--size 34G and my nipples point straight down. Except for my boobs, I am a small person. I generally use the football hold to nurse, and cross-cradle usually works ok too. A regular cradle hold usually does not work very well. Is it even possible to nurse when she is in the carrier, given my anatomy? If so, how???

When she is in either the Moby or the Ergo, her mouth is at the level of my collarbone and nowhere near my nipples.

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I'm the same way. 36H over here. : There's very little room for the three of them (my boobs and the baby) in any front carrier and I have never been able to successfully nurse in any carrier. Sigh...
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Sorry, 38G here and I've never been able to.
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32/34H and I can't either. It's a feat of engineering I can't quite figure out. But damn I wish I could. :
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32DD and the only way I can nurse in a wrap is to have DD reeeaaalllyy low, like her chin at the level of my belly.

I have seen one some babywearing site a way to wrap the kid in a football hold, specifically for nursing with large breasts. I had a hard time figuring it out though.
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i ranged from 32j- 32/34 fgh while i nursed and could not. i am currently getting rid of my nursing bras and i noticed you mamas wear around the same size. if anyone is interested i have a bunch of anita and royce nursing bras. mostly never worn cuz they didn't fit right. pm me if you are interested.
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thanks for your responses--it helps to know I'm not the only one with this problem. I'm going to ask a lactation consultant for help and I'll let you know if I find out about any miracle positions.

mamademateo--thanks for the offer, but I have completely given up on wearing bras because I have tried just about all the styles they have at figleaves, and I can't find any that fit right.
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I was able to nurse with DS in a carrier twice.

First time I was in my apartment, topless, modeling the hotsling and DS took the opportunity to snack.

Second time was well over a year later, in the Moby on a long walk with him facing me, and he got hungry too far from home. I am quite sure I was flashing anyone driving by with a taller vehicle.

And that's it.

I'm not even into the Es at my biggest, but I just could never do it, and once I personally accepted that about my own personal self, I felt a better about it. Just not something DS and I could do.
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Have any of you tried a rolled up blanket to hold your breast up while attempting to feed in a carrier? to get any sort of lift at all on my breasts I needed a rolled or folded recieving blanket underneath them. I was also able to carry baby really low and just drop my nipple in to their mouth. That isn't the most comfortable carry though. I've only rarely tried nursing in a mei tai and never in a wrap so I don't know how that would work out. I usually nurse in a ring sling with the rolled/folded up blanket so I can attempt to make things hands free.
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