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What are you doing to celebrate?

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Today I bought myself a big old box of Lucky Charms. Last pregnancy, I craved cereal at night and ate Lucky Charms for dessert!

Yay to indulging weird food cravings.
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Not sure yet. I would like to go out for a nice dinner in a couple weeks to celebrate.
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I'm eating fats with impunity

Beyond that... not much. Not going to indulge in the buying of baby clothes, or preggo clothes, until the 1st tri is over and I really need them. (Not going to buy much in the way of baby clothes anyway, I guess, since we saved everything from #1.)

It will be a special treat to buy myself a pair of flattering maternity jeans and new maternity underwear! (Is that horrible?!)
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We haven't done much yet. I had just lost 15 lbs and was eating good. Now I have been kind of bad. lol. I had GD with my last pregnancy though so I need to be careful.
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I've just been resting a lot... and eating a lot, but trying to be healthy. Very excited but trying not to jinx anything!
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I'm letting DD have one last nurse despite the tube and herissues. It was just what seemed right. if my milk dries up fully, she can dry nurse ;D
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Nothing yet. Maybe a bit superstitious. I looked at maternity clothes patterns the other night and checked out fabric online too... I'll probably wait a little while to get going on that though.
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Last night dh thought we needed cake or something. We like any excuse for cookies or cake though. He almost had me convinced that I should make a last minute dash to Barnes & Noble for a chocolate chip cookie. Almost.

I had a roast beef sandwich for lunch. Guess that was my "official" pregnancy kick off. Last pregnancy I craved Arby's roast beef with horsey sauce. I think I'll just make sure I have a healthier stash of deli roast beef and horseradish sauce this time. We're right in the middle of a debt snowball, so we're trying to live very frugally right now.
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It's my birthday today and we are going to a really lovely restaurant with my father tonight. Tomorrow night, we're going to an equally yummy restaurant with my Mum. Of course, I won't be telling them we're pregnant then but it is enough for us, just knowing.

Too bad I haven't been able to eat for the last 3 days. This heartburn and nausea is killing me already!
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Went to Laos for a long and lazy weekend...

Wasn't able to be as meticulous as my diet as I would be at home but at it got me to think about something besides whether or not I am going to miscarry for a few days!! Husband pointed out this might be one of our last vacations without a child in tow... what a weird thought.
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I'm letting myself nap whenever I can Normally I'd feel guilt over napping in the middle of the day, but not now I know, I like to live on the edge...
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I bought myself one of those huge cupcakes at Whole Foods. So big it has to go in a cake box. I'm halfway through and hoping it will last a couple days. DH has been out of town since I found out, but he'll be home tonight. Yay!!
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The night we found out I made steak,articokes, asparagus, spinach salad and mashed potatoes.

Yesterday I ordered The VBAC companion and The Pregnancy book by Sears.

Trying to resist the new sling I want.
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We went to Melting Pot. We had planned on doing it for our 3rd anniversary (April 1st) but it was put off. We don't go often (once or every other year) but this new news warranted we had to go.
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OK... here's a real celebration item.

I splurged like crazy on this silly shirt from bellybutton.de, a German site that sells totally hip mama clothing. The shirt says "saueregurkenmitschokoeis" (sauere Gurken mit Schokoeis) across the front which translates to "pickles with chocolate ice cream".

I am going to have to go through my pregnancy clothes I have saved from my last pregnancy this week and pick out pants, at least, if not bring home all of it, and to be frank, I am already not looking forward to seeing all of these clothes that I wore last time, so I decided that I wanted just ONE article of clothing that I'm going to enjoy wearing for the next 8 months.
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