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Well, I called my Mom/sister/SIL as soon as I got off the phone with DH (I'm really close with all of them).
DD/DS's teacher knows (BIG mistake!), but we're not planning on telling the kids till probably 12 weeks or so.

Not sure when we'll tell DH's family, he feels that there's no rush and I agree

ETA: I'll be just 4 weeks tomorrow (Friday).
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Well, I've told 5 coworkers, as they've all been so supportive of our TTC. My parents know, and some of our best friends. I can't keep my mouth shut about anything important to me, so there you go.

I teach in a waldorf school, and I'm going to try to wait to tell the parents until the end of the school year. I plan to work until close to my due date, and then return after maternity leave, so I don't want them freaking out about my not coming back, cuz I fully plan to do so(I'll teach the same kids next year).
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My sis was on the phone with me while I waited for the results=)
The whole world knows. It's their love and prayers that have substained me since Bryce died and I can use all the prayers I can get!!!!
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I wasn't going to tell anyone, but I am student teaching right now so I told my supervisor and co-operating teacher so if anything happens it won't be a shock if a miss some days. I also told one of my best friends, she just had a baby five months ago and I wanted to talk to someone who had been through it. I want to wait until Mother's Day to tell our parents, but we'll see, its hard!
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So far, we've told our bosses, our chiropractors and our midwives. I don't know if I'll be able to keep my mouth shut much longer, but we're planning to wait until 12 weeks to tell everyone.
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Well, honestly, I wish we'd been able to wait. However, the doc told me this was ectopic, so I told my family I'd be having surgery (I was falling apart, so sad), and of course my boss, and my teacher at school.

Then, to our surprise, the news changed from "ectopic" to "normal in the uterus". So everyone knew, and had wondered, "when are you having surgery?" and suddenly its "I'm not".

So we told the kids tonight, as everyone else already knew. They were pretty shocked. Just sat there and stared at me.

Last time we waited until like 8 or 10 weeks, and managed to not tell my work until I fell down (tripped over my desk drawer like a dork) at 14 weeks. Then I had to go have an ultrasound...everything was fine, and DS just turned 7!
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Well, the timing is actually pretty good as my parents are coming over for a visit at the end of April. Last time I had to tell them the news over the phone. This time I'm excited that I'll get to tell them and my in-laws all at the same time. So I guess we'll be waiting until I'm, what, 8 weeks? DH wants to then wait until 12 weeks to tell everyone else.

However, I don't know how I'll keep the secret from the ladies at my breastfeeding group! They all know I was really broody and they know my temps were still skyrocketting weeks after ovulation... so they're probably waiting for me to give them an update. Guess I'll have to make something up!
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It is driving me NUTS not telling people, but I do want to hear the baby's heartbeat before telling folks. I had dinner with my family last night and there were so many questions b/c they know we have been TTC. It was super hard not to just blurt it out.

I have to say that I enjoy having a secret with DH like this

We already have the stuff lined up that we are going to give family to "tell" them so that makes it even harder to wait as I am so excited to see their reactions.
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I had a m/c on March 11th - just 4 weeks before my current positive pregnancy test. With the first pregnancy, I told everyone - with the thinking that if there was a problem, I would want the support. But honestly, I was totally unprepared for a m/c. But the support was really amazing and really helped me get through it - esp seeing how very many people I knew had been through the same thing and then conceived their now alive and kicking babies just a few months later. So I was glad we had told.

BUT, I think it was hard on my 9-year old daughter and when we talked about the m/c with her we just asked her if next time she'd want to know right away or after the main danger had passed - and she said the latter. So I really want to respect her wishes on that - and we want her to be among the first to know - so we are not telling at least until first ultrasound and will try to hold out to 12 weeks. The exceptions are my best friend who is pregnant and due in October and has been through this whole process with me and my sister who is in Africa and will need to make arrangements to be home in time for the birth. I really do wish I could tell people, but there's also something to having this secret.

If I do miscarry again, then I will probably tell a circle of close friends about it for the support b/c I imagine it would be even harder a 2nd time around.
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I need ideas on how to tell my kids and parents, and ILs too. They're coming for my son's birthday and baptism next week. I wanted to buy a "big brother to be" t-shirt for my younger son and have him wear it when we go get my parents at the airport. But then I thought the older one would feel left out and I think it would be silly/dorky for the older boy (turning 8) to have a "big brother--again" t-shirt. So... we could just tell them. I'm going to have to tell them b/c I'm gaining weight and feeling crummy. I just kind of want to do it in a cute way, if I can come up with something.
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You could get the boys involved. 8 year olds can be quite creative. =)
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