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What's the next step?

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So we've been trying for about 11 months now. My Dh has had an SA which was fine. I seem to be ovulating, and my pergesterone levels came back fine. BD timing is good, but you guessed it we're not pregnant.

I spent a year and a half before we started TTC getting healthy enough to TTC. I have an under control case of fibromylagia, and I'm being treated for hypothyroid.

I take my prenatals, and I'm getting accupunture. I final have my bedroom set up to practice lunaception.

I'm tired of not being pregnant. I'm sure you can all relate. I'm ready to take the next step, but I don't have the foggiest idea what that is. I suspect it involves finding a good RE, but I don't know what the options are.

Can somebody help get me started?
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Hi gonnabeamom....mama-wanna-be here!

I don't have any advice for you. But I just wanted to give you a I think we are in similar places (time wise at least.....I know everyone's situation is unique).

We've been trying for 9 months. DH just had an SA this week and it came back . I'm definitely ovluating (based on charting....I'm having my progesterone level tested next week). We're timing BD-ing well.....and yet still no pregnancy.

I haven't started accupunture yet....through I e-mailed my friend who is an accupunturist yesterday to set up an appointment.

Anyway.....looking forward to getting to know you a little more and supporting each other.

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While I have no idea how frustrating this must be for you both, I just wanted to share that I have several friends who TTC for between a year and a half and two years with their first children before conceiving. There were no problems, it just took way too darned long. They did, however, conceive naturally and went on to have beautiful children. On a good note, they all conceived their second children much, much easier and quicker.

I guess that someone has to make up for those like me who get pregnant right away to make that six month average for conception. It just doesn't seem fair, though.

My thoughts, prayers and baby dust are with you.
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Thanks to you both for the support.

For now I've decided my next step is a fertility monitor, because my BBT charts are confusing to me, and I've never gotten the hang of checking my cm.

It's a irritatingly designed device. To set it up you have to turn it on and set it up at the time you want to test each day. You must do this by cycle day 5, and since I bought it on cycle day 5, and turned it on at 5:00 I have my six hour window then for the rest of this cycle. You have to test with FMU so, I will be storing urine for the rest of the test period, while we are having company who don't know we are TTC.

I've also decided to keep working for a little while longer with my accupuncturist who is great, but not a fertility specialist, and with the bodywork I'd doing.

I had a lot of accidents as a kid, and they left me with bone bruises and according to one practioner alot of compression of the adrenals. I'm hoping that as we address that my hormones will come into balance more.

One of my secret worries is that I can conceive, but not hang onto a baby, and I figure getting my body in balance can only help with that.
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