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Posting this for IRISHCUPCAKE..Jacob **UPDATE**Post#1

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Sending you all to Irishcupcake's new post...it has the full story:

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hoping you are able to be home with your new little one soon!!!!
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Sending healing vibes :
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Originally Posted by ishereal View Post
Sending healing vibes :
Same here. Get well soon, baby! And congratulations!
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Here's hoping your little one gets stronger soon!!
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Congrats on Jacob! What a little peanut - hope he is well soon and home with you!
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Oh, I'm glad Jacob is here and being cared for, but I'm so sorry he's not well right now. Sending lots of recovery vibes. I hope his heart problems are resolved quickly, and that he can start nursing soon. Lots of hugs to Irishcupcake and her dh, this must be so hard for them.

Congrats on a peaceful birth, mama!
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at that birth weight it's not surprising that he has two "holes."

I jsut read somewhere that 50% of the population is born with self resolving holes in their hearts discovered by the resulting murmur. : that he will get well soon and on his own at that!

Welcome Jacob and congrats to your family!!!!!!
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Welcome to the world, Jacob! I hope he heals quickly and the holes resolve themselves.
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Congratulations and welcome, Jacob! Sending lots of love to Mom & Dad and some extra healing love to Jacob. Hang in there, family!
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Sending out a gentle welcome to the world Jacob! Rest well and heal quickly little man!
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Congratulations to Irishcupcake and her family! I hope Jacob grows strong quickly and is able to come home soon.
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Thanks everyone for your well wishes..I hope to speak with her tonight and pass along the messages.
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See the above thread for info
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My son was born 4 weeks early and very jaundiced. He wasn't waking up for feedings and the hospital told me not to wake him up!!! I followed their advice and it ruined our bf relationship. I think contacting LLL is a great idea. Also using cold wash cloths on their faces half way thru feedings (ds would fall asleep after about 4 min) and stripping him naked helped too. If she can get a good pump and pump every two hours that would have saved us (Like the medical grade ones). Also I was told later a nipple shield would have really helped too, if like DS, he's just too weak to suck.

She's getting help early so I'm sure they'll be able to resolve this, but I know how scary it can be!

we'll be praying for her and sweet little Jacob.
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I'm glad they're home, but am still sending many healing vibes both of their way. Welcome to the world little one!
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Update - Prayers...healing thoughts...

See post #1
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Oh no I'll be praying for him.
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Tons of prayers and good thoughts for little Jacob! Poor little thing has had a really rough start s
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Oh my, poor Jacob and Irishcupcake. :-/ I'll be thinking of their family!
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