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April No-Spend Challenge ~ Last day of our challenge. How did you do? - Page 8

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4/1: spent nothing
4/2: spent nothing
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Originally Posted by nadia105 View Post

Llamalluv, I love the term UFO. I have lots of those myself. DD was looking through my fabric to pick what she wanted me to use for some clothes for her and I realized just how many unfinished sewing and other craft projects I have.
If you put your stuff into grocery sacks, then you have to Slaughter your PIGS (Projects in Grocery Sacks)
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4/2 $20 dr copay for dh, $19.77 in groceries, $4.05 for dh's starbucks :

1/15 no spend days
$0/$125 gas budget
$19.77/$400 grocery budget
$4.05/$50 entertainment budget
$0/$1000 sent to savings
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04/01 -$58.43 at Barnes&Noble and I didn't buy Dave Ramsey
04/02 :
04/03 : pre-emptive, having playdate at our house...so better be no spend!

: 1/10 days
: 0/15 days (no drive)
1/10 days (made extra $)

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Originally Posted by llamalluv View Post
If you put your stuff into grocery sacks, then you have to Slaughter your PIGS (Projects in Grocery Sacks)
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4/01 budgeted spending $39.76 groceries
4/02 No Spend Day!!!

Ended up staying home today, so tomorrow will be groceries and probably coffee.



No Spend
Budgeted Spending
Unbudgeted Spending

My Plan

Track Groceries: $39.76/$750
Track Gas: 0/$300
Track Coffee: 0/$25
Track Frivolous Spending: 0/$50
10 no spend days: 1/10
25 days no Big Box stores: 2/25
No Credit Cards: 2/30
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april 1:
april 2:

week 1: 3$ remaining
100$ remaining for the month

(the budget is 100$/week for food, transportation, outings, etc, 100$ a month for clothes, gifts, craft stuff, etc)

march: 48% no-spend days
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No Spend Days: 2/25
No DS/etsy: 2/27
Non-essential Spending: $0/$200
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A few weeks ago I signed my kids up for piano lessons. Now I have to try to "find" the room in our budget for them. Gonna use this month to see if there is any wiggle room. When I did No-spend in Feb., I treated each budgeted amount as money that was available, this month I'll treat it as a ceiling I want to avoid hitting, KWIM?

4/1 $27.61 Groceries, $10.15 pet/household, $39.09 Gas, $6 car wash/household
4/2 No-Spend day!

2 no-spend days per week
2/30 no-credit card days
0 unbudgeted spending
Gas - $39.09/$220
Groceries - $27.61/$450
Household - $10.15/$125
Eating Out - $85

- budgeted spending
- no-spend day!
- unbudgeted, but necessary
: - didn't need it, but bought it anyway[/QUOTE]
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All right, I'm here for month 2!

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us anything you think it would help us to know about yourself.
I'm Jamey, not a mama yet but hoping to savesavesave so I can start TTC in 2009. I work full time, and my DP works nearly full time, and have oodles of student loan debt that I need to sort out!! I also live in one of the most expensive cities there is.:

2. Please tell us why you have decided to spend nothing (or spend significantly less) for the Month of April. Memorize these goals and recite them to yourself before all purchases.
We have been spending without keeping track of our money and not putting any away for savings. I'm tracking expenses to create a realistic budget and then see what needs cutting out to pay down debts. Also, I buy too many useless things! One of my major goals for the month is to cut out needless grocery buying. I can waste money at the grocery store like nobody's business!

3. No spending is hard work. You need a plan. Please tell us your game plan -- how do you plan to approach no spending for a month?

April's Plan:
Reduce Overdraft Use to £250.00
Keep track of all my spending and all DP's spending
Organize family finances (join accounts with DP, close one checking account)
Create realistic monthly budget by the end of the month.

Spending Key:
No Spend
Budgeted/Practical/Necessary Spend:
Unnecessary Spend:
Ride bike to work day: :

Last Month's Numbers (ready to be beaten!!)
Groceries: 344.65
Household Etc: 106.43
Bills Incl Rent: 1514.78
Transport: 92.80
Cell Phone: 60
Eating Out/Fun Money/Reckless Spending on Crap: 286.06
Amount in Savings: 150.00
Amount spent in Overdraft: 413.23

April 1:Gym membership £72.70 Council Tax: £108.86 Water Bill: £29.91 J's Tube fare £5 M's contacts £38.00 Flowers for me £10 (can't complain about surprise flowers from my DP!!)

April 2: Groceries £17.45 (sent DP so was much more than it should have been) M's phone £5
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4/1: : $51.02
4/2: : $12.49

I was all set for yesterday to be a no spend day, but DH wasn't interested in my dinner plan, so I had to run out to the store for taco shells and beer : At least I'm still w/in budget for the week.

0/20 no spend days
0/15 no driving days
$63.51/$400 Grocery spending
0/1 eating out day this month
0/0 Off budget spending

My Key:
= no spend days
: = grocery spending
: = no drive days
: = off budget spending
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i'm in. having just spent 950 at the dentist and having to use dd's money to cover it until we get our partial reimbursement, we need to not spend. i will track groceries because i tend to impulse buy.

1 - groceries
2 -

groceries 53.94/350
pets 100
use dryer as little as possible
try to leave tv off more

groceries 53.94/350
pets 0/100
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Ok, we're doing alright so far. Better than usual, anyway.

Spent: $15 Car svc to work, Dh spends about $5 at work, Michael's Craft for chocolate lollipop stuff $25, Dollar store $9

Spent: Dh $5 at work, Me $2 (chips at work)
Saved: MIL watched the kids in the evening and made us dinner.
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April 1 - : Not starting out too well. $73 tax payment (which I forgot about) and $60 on baseball tickets (which we committed too a long time about, which I also forgot about). Ugh.

April 2 - : $5 on sweet and salty snacks (it's that time of the month and I caved )

No Spend
: Spend

Total overspending in March $478.33
Total no spend days - 20/31

Total overspending in February $666.45
Total no spend days - 14/29
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I am going to post early because I think if I do, should anything come up- I will remind myself I already called this a no spend/drive day.


April Goals

3/20 No spend days
3/20 No drive days
3/30 No fast food days
0/1000 Snowball payment
0/500 Food/Household

Good luck everyone on day three!!!
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04/02 Toy for dd $3

1/20 No Spend Days
$3/$200 in frivolous spending
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4/1 - $13.42 (lunch out - planned), $15.00 (insurance co-pay)
4/2 - $50.00 (DS2's asthma meds)

1/25 eat-at-home days
0/10 no-spend days
0/$400 grocery/household spending
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4/1- $95.59 groceries at Safeway, $22.16 groceries at Trader Joe's, $30.01 on gas
4/2- No spend but did drive to volunteer work

Groceries $117.75/$350
Household $0/$20
Gas $30.01/$200
Pets $0/$116
Dry Cleaning $0/$40
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Yesterday 4-2 was good! No spending. Hooray!!!

Trying to plan for today. I have some errands I could (should?) go out and run, but I know if I do that, I may spend more. Some of the errands involve returning things to the mall. Returns are good. But purchases? I see myself justifying buying stuff, the sales, the clearances, stuff I know my kids could use (possibly even "need" but not absolutely, desperately "need", iykwim) so I know it will be risky to hit the mall. But dang, I just know we really do need to get the stuff returned so the money gets credited back to us. If I don't make returns early, sometimes they never happen. So I should do the returns.

I suppose a list is in order before I ever leave the house. And blinders. Big whopping blinders! Maybe park as close as possible outside the main store I need to go to and make a dash in and out w/o having to walk up and down the entire length of the mall? Geesh, I sound desperate...
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Hi all! I am back for April. I took March off while we traveled to see family, attend a wedding and generally just chill with our new baby. Now I need to buckle down again since my heating system is on the fritz and we are expecting to pay out the nose to have it repaired. And it must be repaired, because I am freezing!

April 1 -- 72.52 groceries
April 2 -- no spend
April 3 -- no spend

Goals for the month:

$200 for food buying club
$300 all other groceries/stuff -- 72.52/300.00

$600 to heating repair fund
$124.75 to pay off last credit card!

My 'not buying it' list: pizza, coffee, disposable dipes or wipes, clothes
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